Life takes a bit of time and a lot of relationship.

Happy new year all…

Starting the year as I mean to go on..

I’m following my own path however messy and complicated it gets.

I very rarely get times that I can just be still and really take in what’s around me.

It’s been a quite morning and I find myself scrolling through movie choices I asked the universe to show me something that will help me along my journey into 2020.

This year I wanted to feel emotions without feeling weak.

Express love without feeling reserved.

To move on and to know it’s ok to look forward to whats next.

So it sent me the shack… A 2017 film well that year my life really did start to break down and take a dramatic twist.

It was a sign to show me how much strength I’ve gained from my experience.

Although the story line at first was a little out of touch but mostly I saw a lot of my own experiences all throughout this amazing film.

It was one of those films that takes you all through emotions hurt, loss, pain, anger and love.

It actually takes your breath away in some parts.

Although there was a religious aspects to the film it really opens your thoughts to higher power at work I’m not to sure its christ but something else at work.

I’m not really religious but I believe in Spirit world and universal Higher power sounds crazy right but I’ve had to many experiences for me to actually think otherwise.

I actually started the film at 11:11

Again massive believer in Angel numbers not going soft in my old age but if it’s given to me I’ll happily take it..

Everything that’s in the past is gone.

Everything in the present is meant for us.

Everything in the future is a blessing.

If your feeling a little out of line today after new year brings in so many emotions I would recommend you watch this film.

Take some time out get yourself a cup of tea and do some soul healing.

Click link below for the official tralier..

the shack trailer

Even in the darkness of the night there’s still a possibility of light…

Love to you all 😊

Stacie 🐚 💋 💄 ❤️ ❤️


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