Stacie Leanne


Hello I’m Stacie aka Seashells&lipgloss.

I’m 33 a busy mum originally from the West Midlands but now In Worcestershire uk

I started my blog seashells and lipgloss in April 2019.

I’m amazed how it’s grown within a short space of time if you like light hearted humor sarcasm and tales of heartbreak then this is the blog for you.

I’m winging my way through this journey we call life.

I don’t have a handbook on how to handle anything but with a big heart and truthful words I will overcome anything.

If your looking for all the answers to life I have to be honest I don’t have a clue , but follow my journey through love , life and motherhood.

Life has the ability to kick you where it hurts but its how you deal with the situation , that’s what makes you stronger.

Love to you all Stacie x


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