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Its my skin not your skin

“Self Love Is Accepting That The Body You Where Given Is Enough & Taking Care Of Your Body Isn’t The Same Thing As Obsessively Manipulating It “

Evening all its Tuesday and today wasn’t so bad just busy at work as normal ive not long sat down and ive managed to catch up with emails and messages.

I have been contacted by a lovely lady who moved from the U.K and now lives in Spain.

I received a lovely email saying how she loves my blog and how i have helped her through a tough time in her life. she asked me how ive gained my confidence back and how ive managed to get my life on track again after my own issues.

Well Marie this ones for you πŸ™‚

Recently i joined the positive body movement along side many celebrities and fellow bloggers to empower not only just women but men also to feel comfortable in their own skin.

We all have to be honest at some stage in our life’s we have been judgmental of other people their bodies , style and personalities in fact its not acceptable but unfortunately its human nature and freedom of speech but we as humans can choose to listen or not to listen to other peoples perceptions of ourselves.

A few of the main factors people comment on are weight, body shape and size of clothing.

The question i want to ask you all is …..

Does it really affect the person who is making negative comments on the other person or does it affect the person they are commenting about.

The fact here is that words cut deep and the mental stress caused on the victim can cause long lasting trauma and really dent someone’s self esteem.

I know this because ive been subjected to negative comments in the past about my body my weight and the way it works after having children.

And yes it did affected my confidence massively but i also accepted that it didn’t matter what i did people would always comment about me and my life my size doesn’t define me as a person and quite frankly it says more about the negative comments someone can openly say without thinking of the consequence’s.

I also grew thick skin as long as i felt comfortable in my own skin i really couldn’t give a crap what other people say anymore if we was all made the same way the world would be pretty boring.

The world is more adaptable now its not just fat or thin its everything in between and fashion has become more adaptable to different shapes and sizes why can’t a curvy girl wear same as a slim girl there isn’t any law against it , all come down to confidence and allowing to be who you truly are the fact is your always going to get judged its the world we live in but choosing to give a crap what others think comes back to us.

I know not everyone has the strength to ignore negativity from other’s but honestly the only person that matters is you when it comes to your body its your body at the end of the day.

Now loosing weight and getting healthy i do agree on but it must come from within not influenced by others do it for you and not to show others.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to loose weight by health officials but loosing weight slowly is better than loosing weight to quickly plus you have a better chance of keeping at your target by loosing slowly than quickly.

I have to say there isn’t any pill that will make you loose weight trust me ive tried it all comes down to food choices and keeping active.

So back to the self love.. How can another human being love you if you don’t love yourself.

Life’s definitely to short to be worried what other people think.

Now I couldn’t give a crap if people say things to me I honestly think its comical because they really must have some deep rooted insecurities to pick out other people’s

Just stay strong and keep being you no matter what and remember to show yourself some love.


Love to you all
Stacie 🐚 πŸ’‹ πŸ’„ xxx

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Do you read love?? πŸ€” Erm no I don’t…

Hey all if you made it to Monday night you survived another dreaded start of week and made it out alive..

Bit of a rant this evening well its more like personal preference over πŸ”ž only sorry…

Can I just ask does anyone else hate group chats?

Omg they are the vain of my life not checked my phone most the day due to the fact I have to do this going to work crap for the rest of my life gets home after back and forth from school run plus work inbetween to my phone going ping ping ping faster than a aldi till on a Saturday morning.

I’m like oh my actual god what can be so important that it needs such a fast response.

Well what can I actually say I wasted 30 mins of my life reading down 300 messages about sausage rolls, cat sick and what book everyone’s into.

I mean like come on who adds someone to talk utter crap about nothing.

The fact is ide absolutely love to read a book every now and again but not everyone has the time to sit and read a bloody book.

Half these women I don’t even know in this chat may I add and that’s 30 mins of my life I will never get back cheers love but I’ve wasted enough time already.

To be honest I was more upset I couldn’t join in conversation about sausage rolls as I can’t eat them anymore but that’s life. πŸ˜‚ (greggs)

I’ve got nothing against stay at home mums I have to say this but please spare a thought for the working mums who have no choice but to work and may not have the spare time to talk utter bollox about cat sick and weither gills been seeing the Gardener behind her husbands back.

I’ve really got better things to be doing.

I’m pretty sure it’s clear I hate group chats they are crap they make people paranoid and grouchy.

Unless it has a point to it like planning event or night out don’t do it for your own sanity.

Just in case your all wondering I left the chat and deleted end of rant no more πŸ‚πŸ’© stacie can go to sleep knowing she’s got rid of a bit more negativty from her life.

Anyway tommrow is a new day let’s be more postive and avoid people think that’s the key to a successful life.

Love to you all

Stacie 🐚 πŸ’‹ πŸ’„ xxx

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The Seatbelt light of life πŸ’‘

Happy Sunday all..

Hope your all having a great weekend..

I’ve literally had a week where I’ve had to hold on for dear life emotions have been running high saying bye to my mum and dad not knowing when I will see them in person again.

Along side other personal issues..

With life being extremely chaotic at times and it hits us at all angles it becomes a little bit much.

Spirituality you hear your Seatbelt light of life ping and say stacie best fasten your Seatbelt babe and hold on tight it’s gonna be another bumpy ride.

My life’s not terrible I just have to add that it’s just very chaotic most the time.

I deal with one situation another one comes up can’t catch a break or a bit of peace.

One thing I’ve learnt from my life so far is that if you need anything sorted you must do it yourself and act fast not to ignore it.

Ignoring situations only lead to a worst mess that needs sorting.

I have to say though Im definitely more chilled out than six months ago thank god.

But we all have relapses don’t we and end up sending ourselves bat shit crazy now and again.

Put aside all that I’m actually loving life at the moment it’s been a very long time since I felt so alive and aware of my surroundings.

I actually have plans in place within bussiness and socially I know it’s about time.

Things that used to bother me don’t anymore I’ve learnt to let go..

And I’ve learnt to switch off.

And blogging I have to say is amazing.

I’ve made so many lovely friends through doing it now I’m full of confidence again even of I do sometimes spell things incorrectly.

Sorry my bad…. Thing is I’m not well educated like others.

I’m a mum of two girls who works her arse off to provide the best I can for the both of them.

But I’m just me and I know to the right person I will be just enough.

My advice to you all is that whatever life throws at you don’t let it make you bitter or heartless.

Learn from it grow from it and remember that just because things didn’t work out the first time doesn’t mean that it the next stage in life will be the same. Sometimes you have to drop your guard and let your heart win over your head.

There is someone out there ready to love you in every way possible not just for your looks but for every part of you good and bad… Better for worse.

Have a brilliant Sunday whatever you are doing.

Im in my happy place with mumford and sons and researching music for my vocals with good old cup English tea 🍡.

Love to you all 😊

StacieπŸšπŸ’‹πŸ’„πŸ’– xxx

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Don’t be a bully be a buddy…

Evening all…

Today’s topic I’ve chosen to blog about is bullying and any type of bullying isn’t acceptable in my eyes.

I’ve seen so much of this now widely advertised in schools on the TV and I completely agree it needs to be made a criminal offence to actively troll anyone online or via any technology form.

We live in a world that’s evolving so quickly and times are changing.

Back in the day when you attended school and Internet wasn’t a thing you could widely access.

Bullying was still an issue but now days its so easy to get hooked on social media.

People communicate with each other without care of how their comments may effect the person they are connecting with.

What I do not understand is why people feel the need to openly express their opinion of how someone looks or what their lifestyle is like on social media if you don’t like whay you see don’t follow.

When someone sets up a soical media account it’s their right to show the world what their doing if people don’t agree with it so be it but bullying people for just simply living their life’s is just plain wrong.

Does it really matter what that person is doing.

Is it really affecting how the other person who’s commenting from living their daily life’s

I’d say they must love drama or have really bad insecurities about themselves.

I personally don’t think it’s anyone else’s business what anyones doing not everyone will agree with every one and there certainly isn’t a handbook to life so everyones just winging it ain’t they really.

Bullying comes in four known forms.. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Bullying is wrong in every way possible I’ve heard so many stories from people who have experienced bullying and how 80% of them had considered taking their own life’s because they really couldn’t see a way out.

I know in life everyone isn’t going to get on and be best mates but bullying people to hide your own problems isn’t acceptable.

I do feel that the issues surrounding the bullying from the offender also needs to be looked into.

I definitely think there needs to be stricked laws in the UK and worldwide tackling bullying in all forms.

My nan always said to me me πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

And she was πŸ’― right trolling and causing another human being hell isn’t the answer to an easier life you have to work hard and overcome any issues not create misery and heartbreak to other people’s lifes.

If your experiencing bullying issues or know someone who is…

Don’t go through it alone always tell someone you trust.

And if you can’t find a trusted person please follow my link and get the help and support you need.

Being brave and seeking help will be hard but please do seek help and advice your never alone always remember that..

Links for bullying helplines below… πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

bullying helpline UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

national bullying helpline


Give us a shout. org

childline. org

Please also look out for jesy nelson’s BBC documentary called odd one out and how she has coped with online trolling and how it almost broke her as person and how she’s overcome the abuse of online trolling. Link below πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡

jesy Nelson odd one out documentary

So please focus on yourself and never let a bully break you spirit don’t believe the negative comments your amazing show the world how you shine…

Love to you all

Stacie xx



Just a little song β€οΈβ€οΈ

Hey all just a quick blog but I heard a song today and you know when it’s instantly relatable well I absolutely love songs like this it says all what you need to say but within lyrics it’s amazing…

It’s a song by post malone it’s not like his other songs more singing than rapping but I absolutely love it..

It’s called circles

Circles by post malone

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh
We couldn’t turn around
‘Til we were upside down
I’ll be the bad guy now
But no, I ain’t too proud
I couldn’t be there
Even when I try
You don’t believe it
We do this every time
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame ’cause we can’t let go
Run away, but we’re running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I’m waiting on you again
So I don’t take the blame
Run away, but we’re running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Let go
I got a feeling that it’s time to let go
I say so
I knew that this was doomed from the get-go
You thought that it was special, special
But it was just the sex though, the sex though
And I still hear the echoes (the echoes)
I got a feeling that it’s time to let it go
Let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame ’cause we can’t let go
Run away, but we’re running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I’m waiting on you again
So I don’t take the blame
Run away, but we’re running in circles
Run away, run away, run away
Maybe you don’t understand what I’m going through
It’s only me, what you got to lose?
Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do?
It’s only me, let it go
Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame ’cause we can’t let go
Run away, but we’re running in circles
Run away, run away
I dare you to do something
I’m waiting on you again
So I don’t take the blame
Run away, but we’re running in circles
Run away, run away, run away

Check out the song and the cool music video on the link below πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ”—

circles post malone music video

Peace out..

Stacie xxx πŸšπŸ’‹πŸ’„