Brand New Blog

Hi everyone I would like to share with you all my brand new blog You, Me & The Power Of Three.

I have really enjoyed my blogging journey with Seashells & Lipgloss blog but I feel I have taken my journey as far as I can go, I’m really grateful for all the love and support ive received over the years but if your interested in continuing along side mine and my little families journey head over to my new blog page and follow for future posts.

Again thank you for all the love and support you have shown me , Link to my new blog will be below.

Love to you all

Stacie xx

“Some souls just understand each other upon meeting”

I lost my way all the way to you, and in you I found all the way back to me.


Evening all I’ve not blogged for a while again I’ve been busy but I’m blogging in favourite pass time, the place where my mind can relax and think clearly.

I wanted to blog a little about love and how after all the damage and the heartbreak I’ve been through has made me a stronger and more determined person.

You may have saw previous blog posts on how my love life has been one bad experience after another through failed relationships and marriage and don’t get me started on dating, I’m speaking from someone who’s been messed around lied to and broken so many times from just wanting to be loved it’s no joke it’s a wonder my hearts not made of ice…

I have to tell you the only way you can pick yourself up from a shitty situation is to Learn from it let it go and next time around you truly know what you want from a relationship, you see all the red flags you don’t ignore them you make clearer choices and you don’t force or fake anything.

You learn that it’s OK to be yourself and its OK to be reserved untill your ready to drop your guard.

But to everyone who’s going through the dating situation now I have some advice for you, don’t stand for no bullshit if something doesn’t sit right don’t allow yourself to get drawn in by false promises and perception.

I can be completely honest I never thought I’d never let another man get close to me again but the universe had other plans for me, so I trusted what it had in store for me.

I’m getting used to being treated properly and it’s taking sole getting used to if I’m honest.

After years of lies and the cheating it takes a real man to take on the responsibility of fixing years of damage it takes patience and a certain type of man to be that understanding.

But work comes from both sides I’ve worked really hard on myself during the process and allowing myself to fall in love again has come natural it’s not been forced.

It was something that wasn’t forced it just happened and that’s the best kind of love.

I know moving on upsets alot of people I’ve lost a lot of followers but I’m a real person, now I’m all about what makes myself and my family happy after years of being unhappy and hiding myself…

I’m now looking forward to my future whatever it may brings.

So have faith don’t settle and don’t turn you back on love due to fear.

Love to you all

Stacey xx

May the flowers remind us why the rain was necessary.

Evening all just checking in with you all, I know I don’t blog as much as I used to but going through big life changes makes you choose your priorities carefully.

I think tonights blog post will be a reflection and a reminder to myself that whatever life throws at you, you will always pull through if you hold out hope.

I’m one of these human beings that won’t talk openly about my feelings face to face , to be honest it makes me feel vulnerable and I don’t like coming across as weak, as silly as that sounds.

I’ve known nothing but my whole adult life to fight or flight but it gets to a point when you just get tired of fighting and you just run away hoping that everything will fix itself, can I be completely honest with you running away never fixes the issue it only creates more mess and heartache along the way.

I’ve got to throw this out there as well don’t think anyone out there will fix you, you have to do it yourself and you have to really want to change yourself and your life to keep that promise to yourself to only ever go forward and never back.

My advise to you all is that don’t mask the issue with a temporary fix like substance and alcohol abuse it’s a short term fix trust me I know.

To pull yourself from a dark place is only half the battle that you win, You have to remember along the way you will loose people and situations will change dramatically in an instant but its all part of the process, once you open your eyes you will see that your the only one who can save yourself.

I’ve now learnt to embrace every situation as either a blessing or a life lesson.

After all the rain and all the scars I’ve found the end to my rainbow and even if its forever or for a moment I’ll be forever grateful.

Just remember nothing truly grows without a little rain.

Love to you all.

Stacey xx

It all has come full circle

Heya all I’ve not done a blog for while so I thought, I would reach out to you all.

So my journey has come full circle.

It’s sad because you think back to when you almost gave it all up.

People tell you, you need to let the past go but when it’s a part of you that made you stronger, you won’t ever quite lay it to rest, but you won’t let it affect you again but it’s a memory of a place where you once was in life, that made you level up.

The universe puts people on your life path for a reason to create lesson’s of life and love and understanding that whatever happens life must go on.

I’m hard person to work out I know that, I can act both emotional and cold at the same time.

I certainly don’t throw words out that don’t have meaning, I know how you can be emotionally crushed by someone just telling you what you want to hear for their own personal gain.

Ive never wanted the fairytale all I’ve wanted is someone to walk beside me through life with loyalty, love and understanding.

I dont want what you can provide for me I provide for myself, bulid and empire and raise an army.

Few weeks ago I was so dam tired of trying hold everything together, it gets heavy and the realisation of the years I’ve lost myself and how my kids saw their mom break more times than any kid should ever see their mom break.

There comes a glimmer of hope that you can find love and trust again in all of the strangest of places….

The difference now is I’m ready, I know what my future plans are I know where I’m heading life can and will go on..

I now know what it’s like to have a man who puts everything into a relationship even when he’s healing inside too.

To the universe I thank you for rewarding me and my girls with such a amazing, strong, smart, funny, loving human being.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

To say I almost gave everything up…

Hold on, don’t give up, stay strong I’ve found my match, my ride or die, my forever love.

Love to you all

Stacey xx

Find the beauty in everything.

Evening all sorry for my lack of blogging as of late but lifes just been busy…

I’m currently going through the very last part of my healing process, it’s the stage when the guard is slowly dropping again and you can feel yourself ready to move forward it’s time..

I now understand that the process I have been through had to happen, The universe saw I was tired, unhappy and not living life to its full potential.

It saw me brused, burnt out, lied to Cheated on, used and abused.

When you have a pure soul the universe don’t allow it, if you don’t do something about it yourself, it will.

First comes the anger the pain and then the process of healing and realisation and embarrassment of allowing yourself to put up with it for so long.

I’ve learnt alot about myself throughout the process, I’ve learnt what I want matters, to stop saying yes to people and situations, and not to put up with the bullshit…

How you treat me is how I treat you accordingly.

That’s just the way it is now, I don’t look past anything now I see it for what it really is.

I see the beauty in everything we all live on borrowed time you get one chance and that’s all it is a chance.

You work hard and hussle even harder, life didn’t deal you with a bad hand there isn’t one problem in the world without a solution.

You just need to find the mindset to deal with it properly, playing the victim won’t bring change it just leaves you stuck and unable to move on.

Let it go, I don’t hold anger anymore I’ve learnt to forgive for my own reasons, you can never control how someone else treats you, its a defintion of their character not yours.

But one thing you can’t do is every time someone kicks you down is stay there get up stand on your feet straight yourself up and say no not this time…

Know your worth, and live your life.

Let love in and don’t let the next person pay for someone else’s mistakes this is why the healing period is crucial it’s so important.

And I promise you that next time around you will be ready and you will make it clear what you want.

Don’t play games, fall in love and just be yourself.

Love to you all

Stacey xxx

The women with the highest walls, have the deepest love.

Evening all, I know it’s been a while since I’ve connected with you all.

Stop the ferris wheel it’s time for me to get off.

And what I mean is that after the past 9 months my soul has started to finally heal.

I’m on the final push now and I really know I’m going to be OK.

It’s been a whirlwind, emotions have been high and low but I no longer see that situations will never have a solution.

It’s just depends on how much you want to pick yourself up and move on, release the past.

I feel so much lighter and alive and I’m not holding back who I really am.

You see people will project past issues onto new connections, I ain’t about that.

I’m not scared to open my heart again to love but this time I want to get it right.

I never want to be on dating site again aslong as I live there just full of men who want sexual interactions, without the connection.

I can’t stress enough how much a connection with someone is vital for true relationship is with someone.

Yeah sex is amazing but finding that one person who can make you smile even though you don’t want to that’s pretty special.

See I’m the kind of women who’s both goofy and reserved once I let you in you see the most beautiful parts of my soul and trust me Ive not shared that with many connections in my life 33 years of being on earth.

So the last few months my liver has had a bashing and my souls been fighting but I’m still going… The past is the past and now I’m finally free to move on.

If your struggling to see the light somedays it’s OK to sit in the dark but don’t stay there get off your bum get dressed and go out in the world and explore open your eyes… And just when you don’t expect it something wonderful happens.

Keep going…

Love to you all

Stacey xx

Understand the journey and trust the process.

Evening all…

I dislike Sunday evenings so much time of reflection and anticipation of the week to come.

Life at times absolutely sucks, overthinking and trying to understand other people’s actions towards you can be soul distroying.

Every situation your dealt with is tough it’s testing but it’s how your react and deal with it is what makes you learn your biggest lessons

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been in such a dark place and I’m going to be completely honest with you all there’s been times where I’ve felt that I wouldn’t make it past the darkness, but here I am today here and present but far from complete.

You have to come to terms that’s sometimes you will ever understand another humans beings actions towards you.

But the what I’ve realised dispite my own faults I’m a dam good person, I’ve got a big loyal heart.

People have done me wrong all my life like most of you but its not turned me bitter its not had me running scared.

It’s held me responsible for my own actions it’s made me greatful for every breath I take into my body for every moment or memory I hold in my heart and mind.

Life’s a struggle it’s a shit show but it how you handle yourself during the process, it’s how you respect the ones who are truly there for you in your hour of need.

I dont mean the fake freinds or social media presence its the ones who have the ability to still care when you keep pushing them back those are the ones who will never let you down.

Don’t tarnish them with the same brush because they ain’t cut from the same cloth as us spiritual people.

Understand your journey the path your On now if don’t like where you are move your not stuck, if you hate your job leave that mother fucking job, work on yourself do what makes you happy and trust the universe something better is on it way.

If love comes your way at what seems like it’s wrong timing trust the process its going to help you heal and shape yourself into a better person.

To many people give up opportunities due to what seem like wrong timing, they can’t process that someone actually accept them for who they truly are, not all of us are after what someone can provide for us.

We provide for our dam self’s we are just looking for someone to share this journey with.

The good the bad and the ugly it’s all part of the process.

What I’ve learnt from my past is that I can never go back only ever forward and I’ll trust, I’ll love and I will be truly happy at some stage in my life again.. Its all about trusting the process.

Love to you all

Stacey xx

Sit down shut up and listen…

Good morning everyone hope your all well.

I’ve decided that today’s blog is going to be a pep talk to anyone who needs it.

I’ve awoke in one of the moods we’re the universe has told me to speak out loud for them.

Stacey isn’t one to hold back she’s a virgo.

When life feels like its a kick in the balls over and over again.

Nothing seems to be working out in your favour and you think how many more lessons do you need to go through before everything runs smooth.

Let me tell you something life’s full of lessons and situations where your tested to the limits.

You know the situation where you finally find a bit of happiness and your mind starts kicking and click overthinking kicks in only way I can imagine it that your head and heart kicking shit out of each other to see who wins first.

Who do I listen too let your soul step in the middle and say enough Is enough not today Satan.

Key to happiness is doing what makes you happy not everyone else it’s not selfish.

I get peoples opinions help but it’s just what they are opinions you don’t have to listen.

People don’t even listen to their own advice so why should you.

Since my marriage ended I’ve been in a process of healing and I’ve been surrounded by people’s opinions but people should know me by now I do what Stacey wants too.

After being treated like absolute shit most my life and over thinking things enough is enough once you breathe air back into your soul every day is a blessing.

Life is going to take you to some dark places but the light always overcomes the darkness it maybe that it takes time.

Don’t loose faith keep going..

I’m sat here in the beautiful town of malvern on the hills speaking my truth because this is where I feel most alive and at peace.

I didn’t think I would feel so free again but listen your here and your present every problem has a solution just take a different approach.

It’s easy for me to say be postive but even on the rough days pull your mother fucking pants up and show the world who you are……

Love to you all

Stacey xxx

Song of the day

Are we destined to Burn or will we last the night….

Good morning where ever you are in the world…

After beating my demons back under the bed with my bat, I’ve decided to set my soul on fire again and come to my escape place.

Everyone has a wobble mine are less and less these days but 80% I’m always high on life.

I’m in such a better place now sometimes I get lonely and wonder what’s wrong with me why doesn’t anyone want my love.

The trouble with me is that I’m looking for a proper Connection, I’m under no illusion that everyone has their demons people deal with things differently.

I’m not here to fix anyone I’m here to give Someone all the love they deserve.

And to be completely myself.

I dont know how else to act other than to be myself, I look past situations I believe that there isn’t one problem that can’t have a solution if you really want someone or something it’s not about the right time, time isn’t always on your side.

You have to embrace the here and now

I just want my person to see themselves through my eyes you’ll see you shine you shine…

It’s not about materialistic things with me it’s about the love the laughter the ability to pick each other up when times get rough.

I’m sat on this mountain side just wanting to scream out loud when will it be my turn.

I’m tierd.. If you have demons let’s make ours fall in love too..

Love to you all

Stacie xx

What is love?

Evening all

I thought I would do a little post this evening regarding love.

I get asked this question alot Stacie what is love?

And honestly people I’m not too sure I can only give you my understanding and experiences regarding the four letter word.

I need to be completely honest here and if any of my exs peep at my blogs I’m sorry but I’ve got to be completely honest here but i really don’t feel like I’ve ever felt love, the experiences I’ve had in past relationships wasn’t love it was a perfect deception an illusion of a text book relationship.

I’ve always wanted that connection and understanding with someone who truly accepts and appreciates me for who I am with flaws and all.

That’s never been case for me sadly I’ve been down that path of the unknown so many times you loose sight of who you truly are.

If love truly exists between two human beings they will never change who they are as a person, sure you make compromises like most things in life but you never try and change someone to suit your needs.

Everyone has a shadow side that’s how we balance the scales in life.

I believe true love, pure love is someone who you find that instant connection with, its someone you feel you have know a lifetime even upon first meeting.

This is know as a old soul connection or a past life connection.

You feel instantly drawn to them, the connection is so strong you feel alittle overwhelmed by it all, true connection doesn’t wait the universe doesn’t wait.

Two souls collide and that’s when I feel true love is formed, its a love to last a lifetime.. (the one)

We are put with other souls in our lifetime that may not have been compatable with us to prepare us for our lifetime partner to learn us to become better people or to learn a lesson not to make same mistakes twice.

Either way it’s preparation for your lifetime partner.

I agree heartache sucks it really does but its just preparing us for our soul partnerships.

It’s making us stronger people in the process.

I’ve nearly gave up a few times I’ve just thought maybe I should just give up on love, but no the universe whispered to me no give it one last chance.

Who knows what our future holds but falling in love is part of the adventure its part of the process but never ever loose sight of who you are that’s not love.

A true soul connection will be your biggest supporter, will make you smile when your down, understand your needs, let you be yourself true authentic self.

I’m a free spirit so the universe will only match me with another free spirit like attracts like.

Love to you all.

Stacie xx