It’s Friday 😁

Evening all ❤️ Im sat in my living room wearing my worst pj’s bottoms and my mo salah Liverpool top from when Liverpool won in madrid I’m pretty sure I’ve dropped chocolate down it. My hairs scrapped up in a messy bun on the top of my head.. And I really couldn’t give a 💩.Continue reading “It’s Friday 😁”

Oh what’s occurring

Evening all start of the week hasn’t been so bad so the Sunday evening anxiety and the sense of all impending doom really wasn’t worth it. But still it’s groundhog day. The million dollar question how on earth do we break away from groundhog syndrome and start to actually live a little This is aContinue reading “Oh what’s occurring”

She Was Everything Even When She Was Treated Like Nothing…

“Follow your inner moonlight don’t hide the madness.” Heya all i hope you have had a brilliant weekend …. I have to say all its done in Merseyside is rain and rain then rain some more… My plans this weekend went out the window as for going out it was a no go.. Other girlsContinue reading “She Was Everything Even When She Was Treated Like Nothing…”

The Seatbelt light of life ðŸ’¡

Happy Sunday all.. Hope your all having a great weekend.. I’ve literally had a week where I’ve had to hold on for dear life emotions have been running high saying bye to my mum and dad not knowing when I will see them in person again. Along side other personal issues.. With life being extremelyContinue reading “The Seatbelt light of life ðŸ’¡”

Eww to 32

Hey everyone hope you have had a good day. Sorry I’ve been very quite not blogged much the past two weeks just had alot On. My girls have gone back to school 🚸 Routine has started again thank god seemed to have settled in to new school term OK. I’ve literally made myself ill withContinue reading “Eww to 32”

It’s Saturday 🎉🎉🎉

Morning everyone hello from a wet and windy Merseyside. I haven’t got many exciting plans for this weekend I just wanted a quite weekend before my birthday next weekend. I have had a lovely suprise trip planned for me child free I’m excited because the past few months I’ve not really had much time toContinue reading “It’s Saturday 🎉🎉🎉”