Houston, we have a problem 🚀

Heya all ❤️ Before I start ide just like to say this isnt a blog about space sorry to get you all excited.. I just absolutely love this saying not because I’m such a nerd but because it can mean so many things as Tom hanks said it in apollo 13 when in spaceflight onContinue reading “Houston, we have a problem 🚀”

Fight or flight ✈️🥊

Hey everyone What a week it’s been I’ve been in a constant state of fight or flight. I’ve been in survival mode for so long that I’ve finally start to feel numb. I’ve tried to keep away from social media this week just needed to have a quite word with myself. Truth is I’m heartbrokenContinue reading “Fight or flight ✈️🥊”

Why do we need Mondays 🙄🙄

Evening all Help I have Sunday evening anxiety weekends go so fast and weeks so slow. Yes I moaning again I know may seem like this is all I do. But honestly I flipping hate Mondays. People say its a chance to start a fresh week how so what will always be will always remainContinue reading “Why do we need Mondays 🙄🙄”