Evening all ❤️ To celebrate the return of the Netflix series You I’ve decided to do a little blog post. For those who have not seen it your totally missing out… Here is a little discription of what the first series was about. What would you do for love? For a brilliant male bookstore managerContinue reading “You!!!!!”

i sogni diventano realtà

Do you ever have a dream in life that it almost feels so real you can feel your surroundings. Dreams become a reality… I’m in this street in Rome. I feel cobbled stones through my converse. Doorway upon doorway of secret path ways. The smell of fresh pasta in the air. The noise of theContinue reading “i sogni diventano realtà”

Netflix and chill ❤️

Hey all as I said in my previous post I’ve done nothing except for putting up Halloween decorations with my girls. It is my favourite time of the year 🎃 Everyone loves Netflix infact ide be lost without it I absolutely love the fact its updated on a weekly basis and it has 1000s ofContinue reading “Netflix and chill ❤️”