Turn the page or close the book

Evening all ❤️ We are half way through the week yeyy. I really Could do with a early night but weither I will get one will be a different story. It’s been a bit of a strange few days again but less tension surrounding me which is a good thing. For one minute I reallyContinue reading “Turn the page or close the book”

She was everything real in a world that’s make believe.

Hey everyone I’m late night blogging again for everyone who takes time to read my blog overseas I’m not sure what time it is but good morning good afternoon or good evening which ever one fits your timezone I hope your all OK. Bit of a weird day for me today started work at 9amContinue reading “She was everything real in a world that’s make believe.”

Breathe for a while ❤️

Hiya everyone sorry I’ve not blogged for a while. I’m now on annual leave from work and trying to spend time with my girls. I Really just wanted to take time out from normal day to day routine. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s next for me in life which way my path mayContinue reading “Breathe for a while ❤️”

Have a little faith ❤️🐚💋

Evening all ❤️ As I sit In my garden listening to a song is that all right by lady gaga from the motion picture a star is born. In peace and quite watching the sunset with the smell of beachy air around me I’ve come to a realisation I should be so bloody proud ofContinue reading “Have a little faith ❤️🐚💋”

When life really gives you lemons you really must make lemonade ♥️

Hey everyone I have been really quite the past week I’ve been working and the heat almost killed me off. Us brits can’t deal with weather if its to hot we moan if its to cold we moan so mother nature can’t win. It’s the weekend and it’s absolutely pissing it down typical I plannedContinue reading “When life really gives you lemons you really must make lemonade ♥️”

The late late night playlist 🌃☀️🎤🎵🎸

Evening all late night post again do I ever get early night nope… I’m blogging and listening to my late night playlist this is the time of the day I always go back to a time I felt completely at peace with everything my last thoughts before sleep always take me back to the sameContinue reading “The late late night playlist 🌃☀️🎤🎵🎸”

Dreams come true if you want them enough.

Heya all I Hope you have all had a great week. I’ve been thinking a lot about my life and what ide like to achieve and over the past few weeks I’ve really thought about what I want My girls are not always going to be little not that I’m wishing the years away butContinue reading “Dreams come true if you want them enough.”

Is it summer yet 🤔

Hey all happy Saturday. I did say I was going to do a review of bondi sands gradual everyday tanning milk so here it is… So it’s payday and I’m in my local superdrug store in town and I’ve been moaning all week on how I looked very gothic for the approaching summer months. EveryoneContinue reading “Is it summer yet 🤔”