I hope your happy

To everyone who’s let someone go… To the guy with a thousand smiles to hide the tears behind his eyes I do truly hope your happy…. Blue October I hope your happy take a listen all…. Link below 👇 👇 Blue October I hope your happy 😊 Love stacie ❤️❤️❤️

How can Midas put his hands on me again…

100 letters by halsey… How can Midas put his hands on me again? He said “one day I’d realize why I don’t have any friends” I find myself alone at night Unless I’m havin’ sex But he can make me golden if I just showed some respect But I don’t let him touch me anymoreContinue reading “How can Midas put his hands on me again…”

Last line of defense 💞

Hey everyone happy Saturday ❤️ I hope you’re all well and having a great day. I’ve been deep in thought today after a very odd dream and Ive been left with a heavy feeling I’ve been carrying in my heart all day. I can’t seem to shift it. Creating head space when you can’t seemContinue reading “Last line of defense 💞”

Only ever go forward never back

Evening all happy Monday. Wherever you are in the world I send you love. I had an amazing Weekend reconnecting with my old friend and meeting some new friends also. I had been poorly all week before and I was very miserable but the weekend was just what I needed. I don’t always miss homeContinue reading “Only ever go forward never back”

The truth

Hey all James blunt has released a brand new track the truth its from his 2019 album once upon a mind. He’s been pretty quite past few years but he’s back and he’s back writing more songs from the heart I absolutely love this track I feel its about someone who has not been completelyContinue reading “The truth”

We are half way there 👍

Evening all It’s wendsday already and this week I have to say has been a blast so far it’s so nice to have my sense of humour back in fact it’s pretty much amazing to have it back. It’s been to long I’ve been such a miserable 🐮 to serious and not fun to beContinue reading “We are half way there 👍”

“JP Saxe – If The World Was Ending (Official Video) ft. Julia Michaels

Please check out this song 😍😍❤️❤️❤️ Link below 👇 👇 if the world was ending Love to you all 😊 Stacie 🐚 💋 💄 ❤️ xxx

Can’t wait 😊

Morning all its Saturday ❤️ I’ve had an amazing sleep and I actually got up early to exercise I’m now ready for the day ahead. I remember the days we always used to be excited for the weekend to go out nightclubbing and getting intoxicated I really don’t know how I used to do it.Continue reading “Can’t wait 😊”