When life really gives you lemons you really must make lemonade ♥️

Hey everyone I have been really quite the past week I’ve been working and the heat almost killed me off. Us brits can’t deal with weather if its to hot we moan if its to cold we moan so mother nature can’t win. It’s the weekend and it’s absolutely pissing it down typical I plannedContinue reading “When life really gives you lemons you really must make lemonade ♥️”

Houston, we have a problem 🚀

Heya all ❤️ Before I start ide just like to say this isnt a blog about space sorry to get you all excited.. I just absolutely love this saying not because I’m such a nerd but because it can mean so many things as Tom hanks said it in apollo 13 when in spaceflight onContinue reading “Houston, we have a problem 🚀”

Brain please be quite just for a moment..

Hiya everyone I’m back for another blog post.. I’ve had a horrible few days with my anxiety this evening it’s peaked and its broken me down. Have to keep telling myself…. I absolutely hate the person I become during these episodes beacuse it’s really not me, I’m constantly worried about everything and everyone. And don’tContinue reading “Brain please be quite just for a moment..”

A little bit of late night blogging ❤️

Hello all and wow what a response I’ve had from starting my blog today. I never thought I was that interesting. I absolutely love the thought of being able to openly share my knowledge and my life experiences with people and they actually listen to me wow power of the Internet. So before I startContinue reading “A little bit of late night blogging ❤️”