Perfection doesn’t exist

We are in a time right now were people expect perfection… Perfection doesn’t exist. From I don’t know what happened but this is the criteria for living. Your gonna do things your gonna make mistakes your gonna fuck up. Your suppose to learn and move forward with not what to do. When you are okContinue reading “Perfection doesn’t exist”

But this is all I ever was..

Evening all its Sunday and the emotional storm is clearing.. Isn’t it terrible when you feel so helpless that you don’t know what to do or say anymore. Dark clouds fill your head with insecurities and paranoia. I’m not bipolar in anyway I’m actually a Very focused and determined person. That’s just been hurt aContinue reading “But this is all I ever was..”

It all gets a little to much.

Heya everyone.. It’s a bit of a sad blog today im going to apologise now if you get to the end and feel the same I have your back.. Do you ever feel like your not liked or unloved? It doesn’t matter what you do for people around you it’s never ever good enough!! I’mContinue reading “It all gets a little to much.”

Salt of the Earth, my friend It’s all that we are in the end..

Evening all hope your all well. Thanks to Mr Lewis Capaldi for the headline it’s take from his track headspace. He’s not the most colourful and prettiest crayon in the box but when he sings he hits places in your soul not even gandhi could reach. I’m in a reflective mood today. I’ve been tryingContinue reading “Salt of the Earth, my friend It’s all that we are in the end..”

Why so serious

Hey all. Anyone else glad it’s mid-week tommrow. I so am I’m ready for the weekend and for it to be payday again yeyy. January is a long ass month all hyped up over Christmas and overspend for one day. Totally regretting how much you spent for Jesus’s birthday when you don’t even spend thatContinue reading “Why so serious”

In the darkness of the night

In the darkness of the night I wish I could of held you close and tight. Now I know that this cannot be. The time has passed for you and me. I reached out and you did not. You always changed from cold to hot. Minds go racing and time goes fast. But we whereContinue reading “In the darkness of the night”

Last line of defense πŸ’ž

Hey everyone happy Saturday ❀️ I hope you’re all well and having a great day. I’ve been deep in thought today after a very odd dream and Ive been left with a heavy feeling I’ve been carrying in my heart all day. I can’t seem to shift it. Creating head space when you can’t seemContinue reading “Last line of defense πŸ’ž”

In my own lane on my own frequency.

Evening all ❀️ Late night blogging before another week of working. Blogs are supposed to be full of helpful hints and tips I have to apologise now mines not always full of helpful information but it’s me my thoughts and feelings in there truest form. Sent out throughout the Internet for all to see. IContinue reading “In my own lane on my own frequency.”

Giving them space πŸŒŒ

“The famous saying goes that if you let something go and it’s meant to be then it will come back to you eventually” Evening all ❀️ Late night blogging my last thoughts before I drift off to sleep. Well what can I say… I’m holding my breath as I type this everything I wanted toContinue reading “Giving them space πŸŒŒ”

Be true to who you are β€οΈ

So I’m. Just an average looking woman who just want to be heard in society.. I’m happy in my lounge wear I’m happy when Im dressed up. I’m just a women who wants to be understood. I’m the women who doesn’t need anyones approval. I’m quite happy within myself & if I choose to shareContinue reading “Be true to who you are β€οΈ”