We are half way there 👍

Evening all It’s wendsday already and this week I have to say has been a blast so far it’s so nice to have my sense of humour back in fact it’s pretty much amazing to have it back. It’s been to long I’ve been such a miserable 🐮 to serious and not fun to beContinue reading “We are half way there 👍”

Wide awake 🌛⭐

Evening all ❤️ Midweek vibes here and I’m feeling postive I hope you all are too. This evening I wanted to share with you an experience I’ve had recently regarding humans being awoken from the day to day clouding of life. I’ve always been a big believer that there is more to life and ourContinue reading “Wide awake 🌛⭐”

You get what you give!!! KARMA 🔃

Hey everyone Tonight I wanted to do a little blog about karma and how I absolutely stand by the universe for giving people what they deserve. Before I start this isnt a bitter rant of mine it’s the complete truth and it’s just what I believe in. So anyone reading this who knows me toContinue reading “You get what you give!!! KARMA 🔃”