Lazy bones..

Evening all ❤️ I really hope you have had a brilliant weekend. It’s the last full week at work before Christmas festivies. So after a busy few weeks I decided that this weekend I wasn’t doing a thing. I have been watching old movie classics and some new ones. Bad boys 1 & 2 RoadContinue reading “Lazy bones..”

What is Christmas?

It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. Hey happy Saturday all Hope your well wherever you are in the world. Today im blogging about the Christmas festivities. Does anyone else think that 2019 has litterly flown by I’m Actually glad farewell to a complicated, stressful and big f**kContinue reading “What is Christmas?”

If it’s destroying you it isn’t love my dear

Hey evening all ❤️ Hope you’re all well.. Fingers crossed this weeks going well 🤞🤞 Going straight into my blog post this evening. I received an email from a lady named Rebecca she lives in the 🇬🇧 She didn’t mind me naming her and enlightening you all on a situation she has been going throughContinue reading “If it’s destroying you it isn’t love my dear”

No Wigan kebab for me..

Hey all happy Saturday ❤️ Hope your all well.. Today I’ve been to Preston In Lancashire to catch up with a friend of mine and to do a bit of shopping. The weather’s been gloomy and cold but also enjoyable. It must be the season of catching up with old friends twice in one monthContinue reading “No Wigan kebab for me..”