Breathe for a while ❤️

Hiya everyone sorry I’ve not blogged for a while. I’m now on annual leave from work and trying to spend time with my girls. I Really just wanted to take time out from normal day to day routine. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s next for me in life which way my path mayContinue reading “Breathe for a while ❤️”

Leaving the door on the latch

Evening all another late one for me don’t you just think the weekend just goes so fast. Been a strange few days again… I’ve not done much this weekend other than boxset and trying to sort my home out having a good sort out does you good. Helps clear the space around you and helpsContinue reading “Leaving the door on the latch”

Negative nelly 💓

Afternoon all I know it’s unusual for me to blog in a afternoon on a weekday but I’ve just finished work and I decided to blog about people and their negative attitude and how it can affect people. In no way is this work related I quite enjoy working with some of my work colleaguesContinue reading “Negative nelly 💓”