Losing yourself to find yourself

Life is a funny old thing isn’t it?

How many of us find ourselves hoping for a better day ahead.

You can find yourself so wrapped up with daily routine and structure, you forget how much of your life is passing you by.

Do you crumble at the idea of not having a plan in place for every outting or experience in life.

Then you just maybe existing and not living.

A lot of people need structure and fear spontaneous life events.

The classic what if moment.

That fills us with anxiety and fear of rejection.

Some of the best experiences in life are followed by a ephiany moment….

We as humans are stronger than we think.

An advantage human can go through several transition in a lifetime its how we evolve and adapt to change.

As you know change is inevitable and if the universe thinks that you are heading in the wrong direction it will make changes for you.

We loose our true self for all sorts or reasons but one thing is pretty much certain we always find our way back to our authentic self.

It’s difficult feeling being lost and hopeless, not knowing what’s next.

But not every situation needs to be controlled and it doesn’t need a plan either.

If your like me then I find it extremely hard to let my guard down and trust people, I hate not knowing why and when, but one thing I’ve learnt is it doesn’t matter how much you need structure or answers you don’t always get it.

For myself now don’t force anything any more because anything that needs to be forced isn’t worth having.

And great things can happen when you loosen the grip of needed to control everything.

There’s no magic eight ball…

But you have your intuition so use it well and trust the process only then will you find the way back to your authentic self.

Love to you all

Stacie xxx

ℝ𝕒𝕕𝕚𝕠 𝕊𝕚𝕝𝕖𝕟𝕔𝕖

Evening all

I thought I would do a little blog on where I’m at just to let you all know why I’m not around as much at the moment.

Well the title says it all radio silence for the people who haven’t heard this saying before I will explain below.

It means a  period of time when someone does not communicate with another person or other people.

Seems dramatic I know but its my choice.

I’ve needed to strip back every aspect in my life and look at what direction I was heading towards.

Believe me it wasn’t healthy to some extent I’m still battling with my demons.

I’ve been through a very long period of heartache and self loathing for such a long time I’ve just had enough.

Closing the last chapter was the hardest and I have one last hurdle to get over before I can truly move forward.

I suppose you have to fully let the old layers of yourself fall away before you can heal and rebuild yourself.

I’ve given so much of myself to people who didn’t deserve me.

Now I know that and it’s difficult for me to pull my energy back.

But it’s what’s needed for me to be the best person I can be.

It’s time for me to take back my power and allow myself to put myself first.

So I’ve decided to pull back my energy from social media even though its a great place to reach out and put yourself our there I don’t feel I’m 100% ready for it.

With me trying to engage with people I found it’s drained me physically and emotionally.

I just simply can’t find the strength to deal with other peoples issues at the moment it makes me  hypocritical giving our advice and not listing to my own inner wisdom.

I’ve decided to not post anymore pictures or videos of myself at the moment because Im really not happy within myself and because I want people to get to know the real me not just the outside exterior of myself.

Tommrow I’m back on my health kick and the universe is giving me a massive…
To move forward so I will be back after some me time and I will come back better and stronger.

Love to you all ❤️

Stacie xxx


Weekly Spiritual Guidance 18/10/2020 to 25/10/2020

Good Morning all I hope your all doing well.

How the weeks go by so fast I’m here again ready to give you your weekly spiritual guidance.

A transition of slow and steady progress I feel is happening at the moment for a lot of you , including myself .

Laying old ghost’s rest from the past and moving on.

I will start of by saying that my weekly guidance posts are for entertaiment purpose only and my weekly guidance is for all signs and elements take what resonates and leave the rest.

I will carry on with the weekly vision message.

Weekly Vision Message

I find myself in an apartment in New York city it has big glass arched windows.

Plenty of light coming in, I find myself sitting at a desk with a cup of hot coffee by myside also present are my laptop and my phone.

I can hear the hustle and bustle of the street below, the sun is shining through the windows letting in beams of light.

But in this sense of ease I feel waves of anxiousness like I’m waiting for communication, im waiting for a message , email or a call from someone ,i keep picking up my phone and refreshing my emails.

Each time I do I feel more and more anxious .

Then it hit me !!!!!

I’m sitting there wasting my precious time waiting for something that may never come..

With this vision I feel there is a lot of you that are seeking answers , waiting for communication but what you don’t see is the bigger picture whist your waiting you’re life is on hold but time is ticking by, we have all been subjected to this kind of situation it maybe be from a romantic situation or other aspects of your life.

But the message here is life goes on communication can’t be forced , anything that is forced isn’t worth having always remember that life must go on and it will.

Straight onto you’re tarot guidance now

1st Card

The Nine of Wands is in the upright it might be a sign to proceed with caution because there is every possibility of being hurt, either physically or mentally.

Defensiveness is natural if you have been hurt, but the trick is not to be bitter.

You now need to be more watchful.

As you have been through travails, you have become stronger as well.

Strength and stamina are other aspects of the Nine of Wands.

As a fighter, you need to be tough and have the inner stamina to persist, come what may. This is the spirit of this card.

The Nine of Wands wants you to keep going despite all odds.

Do not give up, whatever the opposition. You have within you the strength to overcome. And yes, you could get hurt.

You may have gone through rough times and gotten hurt, but you are still not defeated! Another quality of this card is resilience.

Despite setbacks, you persist. You need to keep on going, irrespective of everything.

2nd Card

When the Seven of Wands is upright , you could be involved in a conflict.

Some conflicts may be worth fighting, but others are just trouble.

You need to check if it is worth fighting, if it will serve your purpose.

Only then do you need to defend your position by being bold and aggressive. This card asks you to take a stand, an act that will change the energy flow for better or for worse.

Most of the time events carry everyone forward along with the flow.

At times, people want to resist and change the course of the flow entirely. When taking a stand, you start an energy of resistance.

If you become aggressive, your opponent becomes defiant.

But before you take a stand, you must believe in yourself and in your position. Otherwise, let the conflict go.

Fight only if it is worth fighting, even if you’ve already invested time and energy in it.

If your cause is just, stand by your convictions as indicated by the Seven of Wands.

3rd Card

When the Ten of Pentacles is upright it means you will find material success.

This card exudes an aura of wealth and prosperity.

It’s an indication that your latest ventures will bring you affluence.

It’s also an indication that you should stick to convention.

This is the time to maintain the status quo.

It is not the time to rock the boat.

Avoid changes of any kind, and stick to trusted ways of doing things.

4th Card

When the Fool card is upright it symbolizes new beginnings, new adventures, new opportunities, unlimited possibilities, pleasure, passion, thoughtlessness, and rashness.

The warning associated with this card could be that you need to stop daydreaming, and you should watch where you are going or you could fall and seem like a fool.

If you’re single, a fun, wild, lively romance might be right around the corner.

If you’re in a relationship, it means you’re so stoked about this love of yours that you are kind of freaking out over it, but not in a bad way!

Embrace it.

5th Card

When the Moon card is upright it symbolizes deception, trickery, disillusionment, error, anxiety, danger, and double-dealing.

The card means you may be going through a time of emotional or mental trials.

Also pay attention to your dreams: What are they trying to tell you?

Your subconscious is actively trying to get in touch.

The Moon card in love is one of insecurity.

If you’re single, try to keep your wits about you with your new love interest to make sure everything is on the up and up.

If you’re in a relationship, it might be time to examine if this is exactly what you want.

Maybe you look like the perfect couple on the outside, but there’s another story behind closed doors.

6th Card

With the Seven of Swords it means you or someone connected to you wants to be a “lone wolf.”

A lone wolf is someone who runs alone and free, acting totally on his own.

This is a card that indicates separation from others.

You may feel you’re most effective when you act alone.

You wish to ignore the fumbling efforts of the ineffectual group and assert your independence.

This style of working in isolation is only effective for some people because most of us need to have a commitment from others to be productive.

The Seven of Swords card can also signify running away from commitments or responsibilities.

There is a need to face what needs to be faced head-on. One just can’t wish problems away.

Procrastination doesn’t work.

There is a need to deal with the problems.

Bottom of the deck

When the Sun card is reversed it indicates unhappiness, doubt, cancelled plans, or an uncertain future.

Maybe you’ve been overconfident and are just now realizing how you’ve overstepped yourself.

You know the sun is there, but it’s just out of sight, hidden behind unhappy clouds.

It can be difficult to see the path forward without its light to guide you.

You may feel lonely or think that your friends are all hanging out without you.

You will have to put a little more energy into it, but the benefits of the upright version of this card can be yours as well.

You just need to push through a few more obstacles first.

I hope you enjoyed your weekly guidance post please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or extra clarity.

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Sending Love to you all

Stacie xx

Weekly Spiritual Guidance 11/10/2020 to 18/10/2020

Good Afternoon all.

I’m so sorry ive not done a weekly guidance blog for a while , But life takes over sometimes.

I’ve been going through a massive energy transition myself , I’ve needed to give my life a little bit of an overhaul and I’ve been closing some old chapters.

It seems that the month of October is the month for a huge energy shift.

Mercury goes retrograde for its final time in 2020 on October 14th.

So be prepared for the past to come back around , but don’t be alarmed because for a lot of you i feel you too will also be closing old chapters in life.

Lets get down to legalities and then we can get on with weekly vision message and spiritual tarot card guidance.

First of all I must declare that all my spiritual guidance blogs are for entertaiment purpose only.

Weekly spiritual guidance blogs are for all sign and elements take what resonates and leave the rest.

Weekly Vision Message

I’m standing on an exotic beach, i can feel the warm air on my skin.

I can hear waves crashing onto the shore its peaceful and calm no one is around .

I’m looking out to sea and towards the sunrise on the horizon.

I start walking down to the shore , I can start to hear voices behind me ,I can’t quite understand what’s being said but I can hear confutation, people asking for my help .

As I continue to walk away from the noise , I don’t look back ,I keep walking and keep focusing on the horizon.

As I reach the shoreline before I put my feet into the waves ,I look back one last time and smile.

Then I continue to walk into the sea and onto the horizon , I feel all the past negative emotions and heartbreak wash away from me.

I now feel like Ive been truly set free onwards I go to future ,no more looking back at the past.

Only forwards….

I feel this weeks vision relates to a lot of you out there!!

You can never change the past what’s done is done , There is no magic time machine for us to go back.

What we must do is learn from our past experience’s and use them for future choices and own self love.

Never run back to something or someone that broke you only ever move forwards.

We as humans like to fix what’s broken but not everything can be fixed not everything needs to be fixed we need to move on and learn from situation’s.

Maybe years down the road everything will make perfect sense but for now keep looking ahead.

Tarot Guidance

1st Card

The Hanged Man symbolizes suspension, change, reversal, sacrifice, readjustment, improvement, and rebirth.

The card means it is time to stop resisting and gain illumination.

It is the time for reflection before moving on.

Work on yourself and moving forward its time to move on and follow your own life path.

No matter what’s going on in your life, you can right the ship and keep moving forward.

2nd Card

The Judgement is in reverse I don’t normally reverse cards but it being a huge month of energy shift I feel its needed.

When the Judgment card is reversed in Tarot, it can mean fear of death, failure, possible loss, and ill health.

It can mean you are turning your back on something you must do, and it is costing you. You are hard on yourself and filled with the thought that you are incapable of doing what you need to.

Your in fear of loosing what’s already been lost, You must remember you can’t do anything about a situation or loosing someone who wants to leave.

Don’t be harsh on yourself and question what you could of done in order to change the outcome you must remember that you can’t change someone one else’s thoughts only your own.

3rd Card

Another card in reverse here we have the knight of pentacles.

When the Knight of Pentacles is reversed it indicates impracticality or wanting rewards without actually doing any work.

It can mean that your dreams will never happen if you don’t get to work on them.

The Knight of Pentacles reversed represents a person who is unstable, closed-minded, and pessimistic.

I feel this card is linked a person around you I feel for a lot of you your trying to change the outcome but the other party involved is happy being in this state of stagnant energy ,very stuck in there ways .

You can never truly follow your path with someone who is dragging there heels in the ground.

4th Card

Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands in Tarot stands for overextending, overwork, burdens, oppression, and struggle.

When the Ten of Wands is upright it signifies that you have been pushing yourself too hard.

It is the time for you to cut back and lighten your load and perhaps even share some responsibilities.

It is a sign that, for the sake of your health, you need to cut down on your duties and unending tasks.

You are like the figure on the Ten of Wands card who is trying to carry the ten poles and bent under the burden.

You cannot see where you’re going and are only thinking of your responsibilities.

This is the time to stop focusing narrowly in one area and find a balance in life by including other interests.

5th Card

The Five of Cups stands for loss, bereavement, and regret.

The Five of Cups meaning in a Tarot reading is related to tangible losses, such as money, possessions, relationship, and work.

Or the losses could be intangible, such as dreams, opportunities, prospects, or reputation.

The loss, the sorrow, the regret could be great or small.

That said, you shouldn’t be discouraged by the appearance of this card because every negative has a positive side to it.

The figure on the Five of Cups card is draped in black and covered in grief.

He is staring at the overturned cups in front of him, oblivious to the fact that there are two upright cups behind him. Loss always hurts because we always resist change. However, every loss opens new opportunities and possibilities for growth.

Every loss initiates a change.

We need to go with the flow. If we struggle to hold on to what is gone, we suffer more.

6th Card

The Four of Swords stands for rest, contemplation, and quiet preparation.

All the Swords cards represent some form of trials and challenges, and the Four of Swords is no different.

It is a challenge to remain quiet.

When the Four of Swords is upright means you might need to slow down.

This is the time to get some rest.

For people always on the go, strenuous activity becomes a habit that isn’t easy to break. Drawing the Four of Swords card is an ultimate challenge for the person to do nothing! With today’s stressful working environments and busy lifestyles, you may have forgotten to stop and be still.

This card is a reminder to pause and contemplate.

This is the time to think things over, to put things back into their correct perspective.

You need time for quiet preparation, time to focus your energy, and time to gather your strength.

This is how you can bring out the best in you.

This is the time to recognize the benefits of rest and contemplation.

You might be completely healthy, but you still need a break. It will help make sure you don’t get sick.

Bottom Of The Deck Card

The Wheel of Fortune card symbolizes destiny, unexpected events, and progress. This card reminds you that good luck happens as easily as bad, and everything happens in cycles.

You may be on top of the world now, but you could just as easily be headed downward. Change is a constant and inevitable part of life, and nothing lasts forever.

The basic symbols of this card are a clockwise-turning wheel with figures or beasts on it that are rising or falling.

When the Wheel of Fortune card is upright the card means a stroke of luck, an unexpected windfall.

You may feel in sync with the universe, like everything is going your way.

Take advantage of this moment to steer your ship to where it needs to be.

Focus on yourselves and your own goals you will find your new found confidence will draw the right kind of energy in to your life.

I hope you enjoyed your weekly guidance post please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or extra clarity.

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Sending Love to you all

Stacie xx

Change The Game Or The Game Changes you.

Have you ever been under an illusion or under someone’s spell let me just add it will hurt like hell but once your eyes are open you will understand everything you saw through rose tinted glasses was just an illusion.

It takes a stronger person to see their worth I stared this blog in 2019 I was a quivering mess, a truly broken soul but now I hardly see any trace of the old me.

I upped my game and changed the way i played it.

I understood that there was parts of myself that I needed to change in order to progress.

Ive been on a journey of self discovery , don’t get me wrong , I’m no cold hearted person but I don’t just sit there anymore , what’s the point in just being someone’s emotional punchbag , say what you want about me but one thing will always remain and that’s my ability to be loyal.

Stop looking for the old Stacie she’s not here anymore pain changes people , disappointment changes people it makes you stronger.

Don’t try and force Karma she always finds the ones who deserve it.

I’m trying to reach out to people who are going through a tough time , the people with broken hearts you will get through it , it takes time and when the healing is done you won’t heal back the same way but your wounds will make you stronger.

Years ive been plagued by mental health , self doubt and emotional abuse after my fight to save my own soul i can honestly say I’ve taken back my power and my mind my heart and my soul is my own.

I can finally breathe after so long of holding my breath I can feel my heart beating I feel alive.

Saturday the 10th of October is world mental health day

World Mental Health Day aims to raise awareness in the global community around mental health issues, “with a unifying voice through collaboration with various partners”.

Its Extremely important to raise awareness

We all deserve to feel safe and supported when talking about our mental health. But too often, mental health stigma leaves people feeling isolated and ashamed. At worst, it prevents people from speaking out but help is available.

I got through it through pure strength and amazing support I know some aren’t so lucky to have a good support network but there is help out there but also it takes strength and you will find it.

Check out this link below …


Love to you all

Stacie xxx

It’s one small step in the right direction that lead to the most adventurous paths.

Evening all

I hope your OK

Apologies for the lack of blogging but life’s been a little upside down lately.

Have you ever had that feeling of a. Weight being lifted from you it’s like seeing blue skies after a very dark storm.

This is where Im at now I’ve been through the worst of if and I’m finally realising that I deserve to put my own needs first.

Trouble is I give more out than I ever receive then I end up burning myself out in the process.

Its OK to put myself first it’s OK to say no.

Focusing on yourself is extremely important, growth is extremely important.

Moving on is important leaving the past behind is essential.

You can’t change what’s happened.

But you can learn from the experience and use it in your future.

I’ve literally grown so far away from who I used to be at times I’m unrecognisable even to myself.

But as one door shuts another is waiting to open.

Something better and more for filling.

I’ve always been held back and too scared to be myself in fear of what other people think.

But that’s not me any more.

I’m not perfect I don’t look amazing all time, I’m not always happy, I get annoyed & like to be left alone sometimes.

But that’s just me.

But I’ve realised it’s time to move on I’m ready to move on and work on the life I deserve.

My heart will always be happy helping people but I have to remind myself that I need to also help myself.

Today was a great day I purchased my first ever size 12/14 pj’s I’m so overwhelmed I’ve not been a size 12 since high school.

Massive achievement…

I’m also exited to be working with Acti Labs Super excited I will be posting another blog along with details soon but their products are my absolute favourite that’s why I have taken a leap of faith and I’ve chosen to work alongside them.

You will be able to purchase direct from me but again I’ll put all details on another blog post for you all.

Thank you so much for all your support and love I’m so grateful.

Love to you all

Stacie xxx

The Shutdown

Evening everyone

I hope your all OK…

This year has been pretty hectic for all of us and its about to get extra bumpy as mercury retrograde is on its way from October 14th to November 3rd.

So buckle up its going to be a wild ride.

I always feel very odd this time of the year it feels very much off balance.

Feels like I’m fighting for air in paper bag but never getting anywhere fast.

So frustrating for me because I’m a virgo and I’m impatient.

Every so often I feel utterly helpless my body feels drained and painful.

I’m in the process of clearing out an old cycle and becoming a newer more improved Stacie.

As if one transition wasn’t enough this year, I’ve been graced with another.

Progression is always needed to assend onto a better version of yourself.

During this period of time it gets very confusing and emotional.

You become more detached from the people around you.

Sometimes that’s not a bad thing this gives you time to observe the company you keep.

And who you allow to impact your life.

There’s no point holding on to people or situations that just cause you deep emotional anxiety and emotional pain.

Everybody will need to withdraw their energy at some point in life its unavoidable.

Think of it as a spiritual clear out nobody likes cobwebs in the corners of thier minds.

Mercury retrograde can be tough for us all but it’s how we handle ourselves during.

And what lessons can be learnt.

So how can we survive the next mercury retrograde….
Surviving Mercury retrograde is pretty simple: Remember to proofread everything, choose your words carefully, avoid signing contracts (or review them extra carefully), back up your data, and plan for travel mishap .

The truth, cosmic warrior, is that Mercury retrograde isn’t all bad; in fact, it can serve as your quarterly self-assessment.

How prepared are you for inconveniences? How zen are you feeling these days? Although Mercury retrograde isn’t a great time to make huge changes, it is ideal for reflection.

So if your feeling a little out of sorts at the moment and over the next few weeks that will be…

And its perfectly fine to be in hermit mode at the moment to avoid unnecessary stress and pain.

Love to you all

Stacie xxx


Two Way Street

Evening all

Been a while since my last late night blog.

I’ve always had the the ability to tell the truth regarding situations and my own emotions.

This blog this evening is something that I’ve been struggling to come to terms with.

And that’s understanding that when it comes to love and relationships it simply can’t be all onesided.

I know most people have dealt with similar situations in regards to connections.

Can anyone here genuinely say they have ever been so in love that they would do anything to make the other person happy and completely disregarding their own feelings in order to be more appealing to the other party I know I have.

You know how it goes you play it cool try and keep busy but all your waiting for is the next….

To then find that it never comes.

One thing I’ve realised is that connections work both ways effort needs to come from both sides.

Your not the one who takes orders from a ringleader.

You make your own rules and follow them as you wish.

Over the years I’ve put my everything into my connections with people, I’ve really gone above board to make people happy, trouble is with me, I wear my heart on my sleeve I always have, and I love to love it’s just in my nature.

One thing I’ve realised over the past few months is that sometimes the universe will remove toxic people from your life other times you must remove them yourself.

Those who bring ill intentions into our lives do not or will not love us.

They will simply take what they need then leave.

That isn’t someone who loves you.

Love and respect is a two way street.

Never wait for someone to change their mind regarding their feelings.

That may never happen which leaves you feeling deflated.

Always be true to you but when the times right you will meet someone who understands you completely and no matter what the feelings will be mutual never onesided.

Loving all the wrong people prepares us to completely be ourselves and be at peace in our lives.

But most importantly it prepares us to receive the love we all deserve.

Love to you all

Stacie xxx

No words

No words

He said there are no words that you can say.

To change my mind or make me stay.

I tried my best I gave you my all.
I even broke down my walls.

I’m now awake from my dream like state.
There is no love now, only mistakes.

You ignore me like I’m some stranger.
Locked inside your own head that’s filled with danger.

You say your happy and you can pretend.
But we both know I’ll win in the end.

I’ll of moved on whilst you live a lie.
But remember this it was you that said goodbye.

I’m done with the blame and thinking what if.

It was always you that thrived off a tiff.

You will wake up one morning all sad and alone.

I will no longer be there to pick up the phone.

The time will pass and age will not be kind.

That’s when you will regret leaving me behind.

But I will be happy and loving my life.

With someone who loves me right by my side.

Stacie Leanne
28th September 2020

Guest Blog Kibla Ahmed Art

Welcome to my first guest blog , I decided to start writing guest articles a few month’s ago because I believe in empowering others.

Guest Blogging is a fantastic way of sharing other peoples talent’s and showing your support.

So lets get to it and let me introduce to you all the wonderfully talented Kibla Ahmed.

I first come across Kibla on Instagram, I can’t quite remember how long ago but I remember being taken back by Kibla’s immense love for comic book characters and even more so the talent and passion Kibla puts into his artistic creations.

Its not very often I come across someone who loves superhero’s as much as I do but Kibla journey and progress has really amazed me.

The hard work and time that goes into Kibla’s art work actually shows with every finished piece and its truly unique.

Kibla is a truly talented artist and I truly believe he will go far but what stands out the most, Kibla always remains humble and true to himself.

My Journey Told By Kibla

My story isn’t much “sounds like the beginning of a comic book” we go through our hardships in life but I won’t bore you with that stuff but what I will do is share my journey with you from five years ago to now, Impossible is a state of mind because if you really put your mind to it anything is impossible.

I know you’ve seen this on the home page already but I live by this, I’ll put it here again as a reminder, if you’ve haven’t seen this movie go check it out.

“We’ve always defined ourselves by the ability to overcome the impossible. And we count these moments. These moments when we dare to aim higher, to break barriers, to reach for the stars, to make the unknown known. We count these moments as our proudest achievements. But we lost all that. Or perhaps we’ve just forgotten that we are still pioneers. And we’ve barely begun. And that our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, because our destiny lies above us.” – Cooper – Interstellar

I started this Journey back in 2013, I hadn’t put pencil to paper in 15 years. I forgot what it was like to be creative and let my mind express my imagination, I was always sketching away back in school days then got to my college years and life turned upside down, it was a whole new world, to be honest, It’s was part of my life where I forgot about my younger self and my creativeness.

As you grow older and life’s hardships kick you around for a little bit it changes us, in a lot of ways it changes you, it makes you stronger or a little bit stranger in a good way. Then the moment happens that’s all it takes that one moment and that what happened to me, sorry this parts is cheesy “I got struck by lightning but I didn’t become The Flash”, without getting into too much detail five years ago while I was in the loft clearing things I stumbled across my old sketchbooks from school days and started flicking through the pages and in that moment a colorful orgasmic moment happen in my head an explosion of memories and ideas. 

A part of my mind which was locked away for almost 15 years and it all came rushing back to me, I remember sketching for hours that evening up in the loft lost within my imagination and my imagination on paper it all started there.

I think you can all agree that Kibla’s down to earth personality really shines through within his story and Kibla’s talent shows within his outstanding art work.

As i continue to follow Kibla’s journey I hope you will too ,because the world needs more positive and creative people Like Kibla.

Please take a look at some of Kibla’s creations below….

Don’t forget to subscribe to Kibla’s YouTube Channel

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You can also Find Kibla’s Links on my Sharing is Caring page.

Love to you all

Stacie x