The inner mind of a virgo

Evening all hope your all OK.

Have you ever wondered what goes on Inside a virgos head sometimes it’s a dangerous place.

We overthink and under play ourselves so much to the point we would rather blend in the background and hide untill it’s safe to surface again.

Even though we are human beings alot of us virgos don’t actually like other humans, we only get along with a small number of people during our lifetime.

By that I mean a proper Connection will be formed.

A virgo will quickly make their mind up about a person but won’t judge a situation. Infact a virgo will do their best to try and help the ones they love.

We are passionate lovers and fall in love deep you will always be imprinted onto a virgos heart.

We are very picking with whom we share our time and energy with, the way we see it is being honest and not to brutal is always the best policy.

A virgo will never bullshit you or play games, they just want the best for the people they love.

Me being a virgo I can understand it can be quite hard for people to understand and read my emotions.

For new connections it’s really difficult beacause we always look like this…

Yep you can’t quite read us…

And for you men out there wanting to date a virgo you best buckle up buttercup your in for one hell of a ride..

Ahh we ain’t no trouble we just we know what we want and exactly how to get it.

If your a male or female out there who’s dating a virgo or who’s married to one you will know exactly what I mean.

Once you have had a virgo no other star sign will come close.

Sarcasm is how we deal with situations not always best way to deal with issues but a virgo would rather laugh than cry.

When dealing with emotional issues a virgo will always step back untill their 100% sure on a situation.

Once you crack that tough exterior we are just truly grateful and spiritual people who will love unconditionally.

And want to be loved in return a virgo will often save others before themselves.

But sometimes we need saving too.

Love to you all

Stacie xx

The power of words.

Good morning everyone.

It’s these early hours when I feel most alive.

After the last few weeks failed connection and constant disappointment.

I’ve had to really sit and think about what matters to me and how I process situations that are out of my control.

It’s taught me to get out of my own way stop procrastinating over other people’s decisions it’s not my job to save people.

It’s my job to save myself and be a better person.

As quick as we fall in love, as quick as a situation occurs nothing is set in stone.

Life can change so dam quickly you will never be able to fully prepare yourself for the change that you have no hold over.

We are blessed with emotions and cursed by our fears.

Head over heart or heart over head you can never be quite sure which way the wind is going to blow.

I live for today beacause tommrow isn’t promised to any of us.

If you love someone and they have battle scars that means you fully accept they have been fragile in life but don’t let the darkness consume them for too long.

Sometimes we only sit with them for a short while and sometimes we sit with them for a life time but what ever the outcome is just know you the time you spent made a difference to that person even if it was for a short while.

And yes it sucks when life doesn’t quite go the way you want it to, the heart is pure and the mind is cruel but you just have to keep going forward keep pushing on.

Love to you all

Stacie xx

Embrace it don’t chase it.

Hello everyone good afternoon or good morning wherever you are in the world.

I’m blogging from my lovely home in malvern and yes I’m still in bed.

To many gins last night but you only live once, it’s called self love Friday’s to me but self pity Saturday shortly follows.

This week has been complete madness to be honest.

But I’ve embraced whats been thrown at me and I’ve handled it like I always do.

I only ever show people what I want them to see but my guard is slowly coming down, it’s all down to when you have had to always defend yourself and your actions to others for so long it sort of sticks.

I’m realising that not all my actions need to be broken down in to tiny pieces and analysed, it is what it is.

I know deep down I’m where I’m meant to be in life, it’s all about trusting the process.

I can’t express how free I feel after so long of not being able to be myself.

I know I’m moving onto the next stage in my life now and I know I don’t need to justify myself to anyone.

My advice to anyone who’s feeling a bit stuck in life is to look at what you really want but don’t get to stuck on how your going to achieve it.

Trust the process and the experience don’t let fear stop you from taking that chance either.

Stay positive and embrace the opportunity.

Stacey won’t chase I’m a virgo effort comes from within and your time is precious so choose who you share it with wisely.

I’m looking to the future and I hope you are too..

Love to you all xx

No one is you and that’s your superpower.

Good morning all today I bring you my blog from the malvern beacon..

So much peace and quite here its truly a place that’s saved me after the last 8 months I feel like I’ve completely changed as a person.

The old Stacey has gone, the broken Stacey has now started to heal, you never really know how much you allow someone to take your soul and slowly crush it in there hands until you cut ties and finally open your eyes.

I love the fact I’m allowed to be myself again I’m smiling more and I’m greatful for everything life offers me however big or small the opportunity.

I wanted to come up here today to get inspiration and clarity.

And that’s what I’ve done… What want to say to you all if your having a rough time at the moment don’t forget to take time out for youself take time out to breathe.

Remember your situation is only temporary life changes in a heartbeat.

Be grateful for the love you give and the the love you receive.

Be kind to the ones around you smile at least 5 times a day and laugh at the stupidest of things because life’s short

Release the past, embrace the present and be excited about your future.

I’m sending each of you a massive virtual hug remember never give up..

Love to you all

Stacey xx

You just don’t get it…

Evening all

Hope you’re all well tonights post is also about the D yes dating.

Over 18’s only tonight..

You know how it is you breakup with someone you spend sometime healing, soul searching and then your ready to be thrown back out into the shark pit.

That’s exactly what it is a flipping shark pit.

It’s a world of sexual advances, have you got Snapchat & Shitty small talk.

Don’t get me started on cheesy chat up lines… Get your coat love you have pulled..

Who put 50 pence in that dickhead.

I dont hate men Infact I’ve got some great male friends but honestly dating is like finding a needle in a haystack.

I’m looking for a connection with someone a proper one.

I’ve recently got out of an on off eleven years connection with someone who had more red flags than Jimmy savil.

So this time round I’m hoping to get it right.

So there’s this qoute in dating everyone hates and it’s….

I’ve been ghosted that many times it’s starting to make me really hate my favourite season yes Halloween..

I get it we all have likes and dislikes in life that’s perfectly normal but if your waiting for the perfect person I’m going to burst your bubble here no such thing.

Who’s perfect no one we all have faults.

Trouble is these days everything is so easy accessible.

We have all been there my experience with tinder alone should of made me want to die alone surrounded by fifty cats.

But little old me keeps on going I’m waiting for my knight in shining armor all I keep getting is pricks in tin foil where relationship are concerned.

I’m pretty much out spoken I don’t hide anything if I like someone I like someone.

And I just go for it.

And all this it’s all about timing business time what time What the hell you waiting for the rise of atlantis mate not going to happen.

I’m not saying get married week after you meet plan four babies and get white rangerover.

But I just don’t get it men play it that cool then end up freezing the whole situation and then wonder whats gone wrong.

I get it people have been hurt in past relationships and…

But not everyone is the same as your ex there still are genuinely nice people out there who will show you real love and real connection.

But your not going to get perfection everyone has flaws.

If there is anyone out there that reads my blog knows how brutally truthful I am about my personal life.

I dont talk about everything in detail but if someone asks ill be honest.

This dating lark sucks lot of pushing and shoving you always get very little in the end.

And on that note if you have any dating stories you would like to share with me please comment below.

Ide love to know I’m not swimming in the shark pit alone.

Love to you all

Stacey xx

Faith over fear

Heya everyone I’m back to my late night blogging again.

Tonight post is all about having faith over fear.

Stop procrastinating over what could go wrong, instead think of what could go right.

You get one chance to live this lifetime, you guys know I’m a big believer of what you put out to the universe will come back to you.. So if you always put negativty out you will only attract negative energy.

Most people in life have passed on something or someone that could of been a chance of a lifetime just beacause they fear of what could go wrong.

With great opportunites comes a great risk but isn’t that the excitement of it all.

Life doesn’t come with a manual even the wisest of people sometimes get it wrong.

Everyone’s experienced heartbreak, rejection and disappointment. So the natural reaction is to be extremely cautious about every aspect of life.

Isn’t it crazy how one life experience can consume your whole life.

Well your OK to hurt and be angry for a short time but life goes on, your life experiences grow you as person you will heal in time but you must hold faith and understanding that every process we go through makes us stronger and better.

After all the hurt and pain I’ve been through in my life time it’s not made me a bitter person Infact it’s done the total opposite its made me a stronger and more understanding person.

As I start my new path to life and love I’m finding my understanding of life has completely changed.

It’s made me realise that I can’t fix what’s always been broken, it’s made me realise how much you hold on you end up hurting the most. And that some human beings are just shitty human beings it’s just how they vibe and I don’t vibe with that.

I’m realising that I deserve to be happy, I deserve to show the real me, there’s someone out there for me who will just completely get me and last bit least that positivity will always over shine the darkness.

You just got to have faith and follow your own instincts they never lie.

Love to you all

Stacey xx

In time everything will make perfect sense.

It’s 3am and at this time of day my mind is still so active..

They say in time everything will make perfect sense, whoever come up with that qoute would of probably been a very wise person, with a lot of life experience.

The universe doesn’t send us situations that we cannot overcome, nor does it send us people we can’t deal with, that’s a known fact.

Every struggle or situation we have thrown our way has its very own lesson to be learnt from , In order for us to evaluate and evolve into better human beings.

These experiences can be painful, overwhelming, scary and life changing.

But it’s the way you deal with the situation and how you heal and progress overtime that shapes the pathway onto the next stage of your life.

We learn alot about ourselves during our struggles in life, you also find out who really cares for you during the difficult times.

We can get so wrapped up in how society expects us to look,act and live during our lifetimes we never really truly find happiness within ourselves.

Going through my own life changing experience recently I’ve found out a few things about myself, At the time I didn’t really realise how unhappy I truly was within myself, I felt like I was trapped in someone else’s life and I hated it.

It’s the little things that matter in life like loyalty, respect, admiration, and your own personal achievement however big or small they maybe.

When the false mask slips and you show who you really are you can either let it expose you or you can let it shape you into a better version of yourself.

In time situations from your past will make you understand the lessons you needed to learn in life to push you onto you new chosen path.

Trust in yourself and listen to your own emotions.

I’m so ready to move on to the next stage in my life I’m ready to be happy again and achieve as much as I can.

And most importantly learn to love freely again.

Love to you all

Stacie xx

There’s only one queen of this castle!!!

Hello everyone it’s me again hope your all well.

I’m sat in my back garden in the gorgeous sunshine.. I’ve had a great sleep worked out and I’m ready for the rest of the day.

How my life has changed over the past few months.

And my god how strong I’ve got during the process.

Sometimes the illusion of how you want life to be really hides the truth behind the situation.

And my situation wasn’t good in fact it was a part of my life that I’ve learnt alot from.

It’s taught me everything I don’t want from a life partner.

It’s taught me how much you do for some people it’s never enough.

It’s taught me alot about myself, that I don’t need to compress myself to be perfect for someone whos only intention was to break my spirit and my self esteem by gaslighting me.

To the right person I’ll be everything and more.

I laugh alot more now and my girls can see I’m alot happier and they are happier too.

I can’t say it was all bad at the start but after nearly 11 years the doors firmly closed and I’m ready to move on and finally breathe again.

Whatever people think about me I really don’t care always remember there’s two sides to a story and you will find out for your self soon enough.

Least I’m glad now the universe has put me on the right path.

Look out in the future for my little family adventures, dating stories and much more.

Love to you all ❤️❤️

Stacie x

She’s Back

Hello Everyone , Long time I know I can only apologise for my absence , life gets in the way and the universe always throws us a curve ball to see how strong we really are.

I honestly think I was a total mare in my past life , I must of been life’s testing me to the max at the moment.

So this is just a recap of where I’m at …

I moved three weeks ago lets just say its been a whirlwind of emotions but ive had to pull my socks up and get on with it.

I moved with my two girls a beautiful part of the Worcestershire countryside Malvern Hills.

We have a lovely home which needs a lot of Decorating but I will be doing some great home blogs in the near future.

I recently become an auntie again to my sisters gorgeous second baby girl welcome to the world baby Molly.

This Term of blogging I will be focusing on all aspects of life , home décor, fashion and any subject’s in between I will also be keeping you updated with my Career and how that unfolds.

Myself in general some days I have great days other days I have really sad days but the sad days I pick myself up and go for a walk to clear my head, One thing ive leant from this part of my journey is that its unhealthy to keep things bottled up and act like I’m ok to please others.

If I’m not ok I pick the phone up and talk I find talking helps.

You will never try and understand someone else’s mind ive learnt that it doesn’t matter how much you pull the situation apart you will never get to the root cause.

So there’s no point pulling yourself apart you have to just pull yourself back together and heal from the outside in.

In the end what will be will be …..

Love To you All

Stacie xx

The Undoing

Hey everyone it’s been a while!!

I wanted to blog today about life and its ability to unravel in front of your eyes.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if life was simple and so straight forward.
If you could happily store all your good memories on your very own brain vision board and store all the bad ones in a tightly secure safe tucked away and surrounded by crocodiles never to be seen again.

Well life and the universe has a funny way of showing us if we are heading down a dark and disastrous path.

It’s called Karma and my god does she bite.

Overtime we become less aware of our own situations and our own patterns of behaviour.

Until one day the situation switches and your the one with everything to loose and nothing much to gain.

Relationships and friendships aren’t always perfect every single living thing on the planet has flaws.

Even a butterfly.

But what you must remember is that it’s not your job to fix or control everything or everyone, its your job to be the best possible version of yourselves and to show compassion and understanding.

Listen to others and by that I mean truly listen and admit when your wrong.

It’s OK to make mistakes but learn from them, Set healthy boundaries.

Remember to take time out if you need to heal your soul.

If the boxes of your life start to unravel yes I would suggest you be prepared the best way you can but always remember that change comes from within not always from what’s around.

Love to you all

Stacie x