You gotta roll with it you gotta take your time…..

Evening all can you see were I’m going with this post yes I honestly do love oasis I feel this song is appropriate for today. This record is from there album what’s the story morning glory. Its called roll with it. So why do I feel this song is appropriate for today well its allContinue reading “You gotta roll with it you gotta take your time…..”

Fighting you demons

Evening all its nearly the weekend yeyyy I’ve nearly survived another full week at work it’s not been to bad really but I’ve had a few glasses of wine to see me through. This week I’ve recently connected back with a freind I’ve known for ten years we used to be really good friends thenContinue reading “Fighting you demons”

Holding a space πŸ‘

Morning all today Im blogging about the saying holding a space.. But what does it really mean??? πŸ€” Holding space means to make it about someone else. Plain and simple. But most people can not do this. Why? Because we’re used to high jacking spaces. We’re wired to take. To want. To seek from others.Continue reading “Holding a space πŸ‘”

Turn the page or close the book

Evening all ❀️ We are half way through the week yeyy. I really Could do with a early night but weither I will get one will be a different story. It’s been a bit of a strange few days again but less tension surrounding me which is a good thing. For one minute I reallyContinue reading “Turn the page or close the book”

Do you read love?? πŸ€” Erm no I don’t…

Hey all if you made it to Monday night you survived another dreaded start of week and made it out alive.. Bit of a rant this evening well its more like personal preference over πŸ”ž only sorry… Can I just ask does anyone else hate group chats? Omg they are the vain of my lifeContinue reading “Do you read love?? πŸ€” Erm no I don’t…”

Getting all your ducks in a row.. πŸ¦†πŸ¦†πŸ¦†

Hey everyone hope your having a great Bank Holiday weekend.. At last we have some nice weather wherever you are in the world I hope you doing well. Nearly that time again kids go back to school and normal routine resumes yey finally. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by Four monthsContinue reading “Getting all your ducks in a row.. πŸ¦†πŸ¦†πŸ¦†”

She was everything real in a world that’s make believe.

Hey everyone I’m late night blogging again for everyone who takes time to read my blog overseas I’m not sure what time it is but good morning good afternoon or good evening which ever one fits your timezone I hope your all OK. Bit of a weird day for me today started work at 9amContinue reading “She was everything real in a world that’s make believe.”