Amor entre amigos

Afternoon all ❤️ I hope you all have had a good weekend. I’m currently sat on the train home after a brilliant night out back home in Birmingham UK. As always fantastic company it was great to spend quality time with friends. I felt amazing and I looked great too. I haven’t felt good aboutContinue reading “Amor entre amigos”


Evening all ❤️ Before I start just want you all to know I’m not currently feeling sorry for myself or nor am I eating a box of tesco cereal in my biggest pair of knickers I own. Bit of a light hearted post tonight plus a bit of moaning too…. We all love a goodContinue reading “Wretched”

Only ever go forward never back

Evening all happy Monday. Wherever you are in the world I send you love. I had an amazing Weekend reconnecting with my old friend and meeting some new friends also. I had been poorly all week before and I was very miserable but the weekend was just what I needed. I don’t always miss homeContinue reading “Only ever go forward never back”