Don’t be a bully be a buddy…

Evening all… Today’s topic I’ve chosen to blog about is bullying and any type of bullying isn’t acceptable in my eyes. I’ve seen so much of this now widely advertised in schools on the TV and I completely agree it needs to be made a criminal offence to actively troll anyone online or via anyContinue reading “Don’t be a bully be a buddy…”

Getting all your ducks in a row.. 

Hey everyone hope your having a great Bank Holiday weekend.. At last we have some nice weather wherever you are in the world I hope you doing well. Nearly that time again kids go back to school and normal routine resumes yey finally. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by Four monthsContinue reading “Getting all your ducks in a row.. ”

She was everything real in a world that’s make believe.

Hey everyone I’m late night blogging again for everyone who takes time to read my blog overseas I’m not sure what time it is but good morning good afternoon or good evening which ever one fits your timezone I hope your all OK. Bit of a weird day for me today started work at 9amContinue reading “She was everything real in a world that’s make believe.”

When the penny finally drops just leave it there.

Hey everyone. How are we all this evening? I’ve given up watching the Liverpool match that’s enough of that for one evening. Tonight I wanted to blog about a situation I’ve been in for quite a while. I don’t know if any of you have ever been in a limbo situation not quite sure whatContinue reading “When the penny finally drops just leave it there.”

Keep singing your heart out 手歹

Evening all 歹First day back at work and it wasn’t too bad I suppose.Hope your all having a great Monday I just wanted to share with you how I’ve coped the last 18 months with a very heart breaking period in my life and how it’s taken some sorting out and finding myself again toContinue reading “Keep singing your heart out 手歹”

Have a little faith 歹

Evening all 歹 As I sit In my garden listening to a song is that all right by lady gaga from the motion picture a star is born. In peace and quite watching the sunset with the smell of beachy air around me I’ve come to a realisation I should be so bloody proud ofContinue reading “Have a little faith 歹”

When life really gives you lemons you really must make lemonade 伐

Hey everyone I have been really quite the past week I’ve been working and the heat almost killed me off. Us brits can’t deal with weather if its to hot we moan if its to cold we moan so mother nature can’t win. It’s the weekend and it’s absolutely pissing it down typical I plannedContinue reading “When life really gives you lemons you really must make lemonade 伐”

I guess that’s why they call it the blues 

Evening all I really hope you have had a good weekend. I’ve had very mixed emotions anxiety peaked again think it’s the bulid up of my daughter leaving school and few other issues from last week just got a little bit to much for me. I seem to have calmed down alot now but myContinue reading “I guess that’s why they call it the blues ”

Negative nelly

Afternoon all I know it’s unusual for me to blog in a afternoon on a weekday but I’ve just finished work and I decided to blog about people and their negative attitude and how it can affect people. In no way is this work related I quite enjoy working with some of my work colleaguesContinue reading “Negative nelly ”

Cold heart but a deep soul

Evening all 歹 I have Sunday night anxiety again Just to top it off I’ve just saw the episode of opie’s wake in sons of anarchy im gutted I know it’s only a TV series but it’s story line has some real life lessons that hit home. About loyalty and doing whats right inContinue reading “Cold heart but a deep soul”