I’m here and your there.

Families are like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions but our roots always remain the same. Evening all I hope you are all OK. 1st of December today finally time to get into Christmas spirit and I most certainly have this weekend with a gin or two. Bad week last weekContinue reading “I’m here and your there.”

She Was Everything Even When She Was Treated Like Nothing…

“Follow your inner moonlight don’t hide the madness.” Heya all i hope you have had a brilliant weekend …. I have to say all its done in Merseyside is rain and rain then rain some more… My plans this weekend went out the window as for going out it was a no go.. Other girlsContinue reading “She Was Everything Even When She Was Treated Like Nothing…”

I don’t care I’m going to do it anyway.

Evening all its Monday and I’ve already had a glass of wine…. I had a really good chat with my mom today been a long time coming and she made a really good point. Saying it doesn’t really matter in life what people do they will always have something to say so you might asContinue reading “I don’t care I’m going to do it anyway.”

Turn the page or close the book

Evening all ❤️ We are half way through the week yeyy. I really Could do with a early night but weither I will get one will be a different story. It’s been a bit of a strange few days again but less tension surrounding me which is a good thing. For one minute I reallyContinue reading “Turn the page or close the book”

Its my skin not your skin

“Self Love Is Accepting That The Body You Where Given Is Enough & Taking Care Of Your Body Isn’t The Same Thing As Obsessively Manipulating It “ Evening all its Tuesday and today wasn’t so bad just busy at work as normal ive not long sat down and ive managed to catch up with emailsContinue reading “Its my skin not your skin”

The Seatbelt light of life ðŸ’¡

Happy Sunday all.. Hope your all having a great weekend.. I’ve literally had a week where I’ve had to hold on for dear life emotions have been running high saying bye to my mum and dad not knowing when I will see them in person again. Along side other personal issues.. With life being extremelyContinue reading “The Seatbelt light of life ðŸ’¡”

Midweek vibes ✌️✌️

Happy wendsday all Bit of early morning blogging ready to go to work 😴😲 I didn’t sleep brilliant but…. My brain wouldn’t rest I kept finding myself going over and over all the things that I could of done differently. Revisiting the past isn’t always the best place to go just before you go toContinue reading “Midweek vibes ✌️✌️”

The late late night playlist ðŸŒƒâ˜€ï¸ðŸŽ¤ðŸŽµðŸŽ¸

Evening all late night post again do I ever get early night nope… I’m blogging and listening to my late night playlist this is the time of the day I always go back to a time I felt completely at peace with everything my last thoughts before sleep always take me back to the sameContinue reading “The late late night playlist ðŸŒƒâ˜€ï¸ðŸŽ¤ðŸŽµðŸŽ¸”

What are we waiting for ðŸ¤”

Hey all.. I hope all my American readers and followers had a fabulous 4th of July. Had a little celebration of my own on that day too it was my daughters 6th birthday that day and by god is she independent. Well I haven’t blogged beacuse I’ve been trying to de stress and focus onContinue reading “What are we waiting for ðŸ¤””