Live And Let Live

Hi everyone Monday is nearly officially done with. Monday is always the toughest day of the week for me it gives me vibes about what kind of week I will have. I’ve chosen my topic for today being open minded. I think before I was very closed off and would shut any ideas of unknownContinue reading “Live And Let Live”

Law of Attraction β€οΈπŸ’œ

Evening all happy Sunday evening πŸŒƒ I hope you are all OK. Tonight I wanted to blog about law of attraction ❀️ And how I’ve been using it to create a better me and a better life for myself. So what is law of attraction. The law of attraction is the attractive, magnetic power ofContinue reading “Law of Attraction β€οΈπŸ’œ”

Storms Make Trees Take Deeper Roots.

Hey everyone hope your well. I’m so glad it’s Friday I’ve had a week and half it’s kind of left me thinking…. Wtf was that.. I woke up Monday morning feeling postive ended up feeling overwhelmed, shattered and slightly at the end of my tether. But I made it to Friday without doing a BritneyContinue reading “Storms Make Trees Take Deeper Roots.”

In my own lane on my own frequency.

Evening all ❀️ Late night blogging before another week of working. Blogs are supposed to be full of helpful hints and tips I have to apologise now mines not always full of helpful information but it’s me my thoughts and feelings in there truest form. Sent out throughout the Internet for all to see. IContinue reading “In my own lane on my own frequency.”

Mercury Retrograde πŸ™„

Evening all hope your all well sorry I’ve not blogged in a few days I’ve been busy with work and trying to relax on the evenings. It’s that dreaded time of year again were mercury is in retrograde and everything you have progressed forwards try’s to reverse all your hard work back a few months.Continue reading “Mercury Retrograde πŸ™„”

Winter skin 🐝

Evening all happy Friday…. I’m so happy that my working week is over with and I can enjoy my weekend and my night away there will be lots of gin and dancing. After my sinus infection this week my skin has been terrible i call it winter skin so dry and horrible due to seasonsContinue reading “Winter skin 🐝”

Giving them space πŸŒŒ

“The famous saying goes that if you let something go and it’s meant to be then it will come back to you eventually” Evening all ❀️ Late night blogging my last thoughts before I drift off to sleep. Well what can I say… I’m holding my breath as I type this everything I wanted toContinue reading “Giving them space πŸŒŒ”

Be true to who you are β€οΈ

So I’m. Just an average looking woman who just want to be heard in society.. I’m happy in my lounge wear I’m happy when Im dressed up. I’m just a women who wants to be understood. I’m the women who doesn’t need anyones approval. I’m quite happy within myself & if I choose to shareContinue reading “Be true to who you are β€οΈ”

Last thought of the day β€οΈ

And all the love she gave away so freely she gave back to herself. That’s when she realised nothing can be forced. It has to flow naturally. In order to break free at first you need to breathe let out all that negativity. Only then will the healing process begin. That’s when you know youContinue reading “Last thought of the day β€οΈ”

Never apologise for how you feel

Morning all its just gone 12.45am in the UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ I’m still up alone with my thoughts. I wouldn’t say it was a bad thing being alone with your thoughts but sometimes the pain of past emotions come back. Before I explain my reasons for this blog I have to say something it’s not deemedContinue reading “Never apologise for how you feel”