You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece. Evening all ❤️ Weekends go so fast… Has anyone here ever felt like your a complete mess and you haven’t got your shit together. Well welcome to a little thing we called life without me trying to sound harsh. We all need a reality check sometimesContinue reading “Masterpiece”

10 steps to completely changing your life for the better.

Evening all ❤️ Hope you are all well. I just wanted to share with you ten steps that I feel will work in completely change your life for the better. So straight to it 1. You need to establish what and who are important in your life. What do they or the situation bring toContinue reading “10 steps to completely changing your life for the better.”

What’s yours will always find you.

Hey I’m sorry I’ve not blogged for a while it’s been an extremely hectic and draining few weeks for me. If truth be told its situations I really couldn’t find it in my heart to blog about. Just couldn’t find the words to discribe how Ive been feeling. I’m over the worst part and inContinue reading “What’s yours will always find you.”

Out with the old in with the new.

Hey everyone hope you have all had a good weekend. Not blogged for a few days apart from odd track I found on YouTube. But I’m back and tommrow is a new day. I’ve spent my weekend clearing out my home getting rid of any items that no longer serve purpose. Why do we asContinue reading “Out with the old in with the new.”

But this is all I ever was..

Evening all its Sunday and the emotional storm is clearing.. Isn’t it terrible when you feel so helpless that you don’t know what to do or say anymore. Dark clouds fill your head with insecurities and paranoia. I’m not bipolar in anyway I’m actually a Very focused and determined person. That’s just been hurt aContinue reading “But this is all I ever was..”

It all gets a little to much.

Heya everyone.. It’s a bit of a sad blog today im going to apologise now if you get to the end and feel the same I have your back.. Do you ever feel like your not liked or unloved? It doesn’t matter what you do for people around you it’s never ever good enough!! I’mContinue reading “It all gets a little to much.”

Don’t just loose weight get healthy.

Evening all hope your all well.. Anyone else sick of the sight of left over Christmas food. Why do we buy so much crap over Christmas to complain in January we are feeling overwhelmed and overweight. You either eat it and don’t complain. Or just eat in moderation. Health kicks can happen all year round.Continue reading “Don’t just loose weight get healthy.”

Salt of the Earth, my friend It’s all that we are in the end..

Evening all hope your all well. Thanks to Mr Lewis Capaldi for the headline it’s take from his track headspace. He’s not the most colourful and prettiest crayon in the box but when he sings he hits places in your soul not even gandhi could reach. I’m in a reflective mood today. I’ve been tryingContinue reading “Salt of the Earth, my friend It’s all that we are in the end..”

Why so serious

Hey all. Anyone else glad it’s mid-week tommrow. I so am I’m ready for the weekend and for it to be payday again yeyy. January is a long ass month all hyped up over Christmas and overspend for one day. Totally regretting how much you spent for Jesus’s birthday when you don’t even spend thatContinue reading “Why so serious”

i sogni diventano realtà

Do you ever have a dream in life that it almost feels so real you can feel your surroundings. Dreams become a reality… I’m in this street in Rome. I feel cobbled stones through my converse. Doorway upon doorway of secret path ways. The smell of fresh pasta in the air. The noise of theContinue reading “i sogni diventano realtà”