Guest Blog Kibla Ahmed Art

Welcome to my first guest blog , I decided to start writing guest articles a few month’s ago because I believe in empowering others. Guest Blogging is a fantastic way of sharing other peoples talent’s and showing your support. So lets get to it and let me introduce to you all the wonderfully talented KiblaContinue reading “Guest Blog Kibla Ahmed Art”

10 ways to spot a catfish.

Evening all ❤️ I’m currently blogging from the comfort of a nice hot bath trying to get rid of this vile viral infection.. Since I’ve been or sick I’ve been binge watching two series one is the crown on nextflix and the other is the famous mtv show catfish. I absolutely can’t get the backContinue reading “10 ways to spot a catfish.”


Evening all ❤️ To celebrate the return of the Netflix series You I’ve decided to do a little blog post. For those who have not seen it your totally missing out… Here is a little discription of what the first series was about. What would you do for love? For a brilliant male bookstore managerContinue reading “You!!!!!”

Netflix and chill ❤️

Hey all as I said in my previous post I’ve done nothing except for putting up Halloween decorations with my girls. It is my favourite time of the year 🎃 Everyone loves Netflix infact ide be lost without it I absolutely love the fact its updated on a weekly basis and it has 1000s ofContinue reading “Netflix and chill ❤️”