Can’t wait 😊

Morning all its Saturday ❤️ I’ve had an amazing sleep and I actually got up early to exercise I’m now ready for the day ahead. I remember the days we always used to be excited for the weekend to go out nightclubbing and getting intoxicated I really don’t know how I used to do it.Continue reading “Can’t wait 😊”

The magic of Sunday evenings

Hey all Sunday evening again. I hate how fast weekends go I really hope you have all had a fab weekend. I actually don’t mind my job it pays my bills its just the thought of getting up early all week again and longer working hours for next two weeks. I throughly enjoyed my weekendContinue reading “The magic of Sunday evenings”

Eww to 32

Hey everyone hope you have had a good day. Sorry I’ve been very quite not blogged much the past two weeks just had alot On. My girls have gone back to school 🚸 Routine has started again thank god seemed to have settled in to new school term OK. I’ve literally made myself ill withContinue reading “Eww to 32”

Boohoo ❤️

Two blog posts in one day now I’m spoiling you all. Just decided to blog about my boohoo haul as I’m not going to be blogging for a few days due to other commitments. I ordered from boohoo few days ago but it was a pay day treat. I didnt have a time that itContinue reading “Boohoo ❤️”

It’s Saturday 🎉🎉🎉

Morning everyone hello from a wet and windy Merseyside. I haven’t got many exciting plans for this weekend I just wanted a quite weekend before my birthday next weekend. I have had a lovely suprise trip planned for me child free I’m excited because the past few months I’ve not really had much time toContinue reading “It’s Saturday 🎉🎉🎉”