“Some souls just understand each other upon meeting”

I lost my way all the way to you, and in you I found all the way back to me.


Evening all I’ve not blogged for a while again I’ve been busy but I’m blogging in favourite pass time, the place where my mind can relax and think clearly.

I wanted to blog a little about love and how after all the damage and the heartbreak I’ve been through has made me a stronger and more determined person.

You may have saw previous blog posts on how my love life has been one bad experience after another through failed relationships and marriage and don’t get me started on dating, I’m speaking from someone who’s been messed around lied to and broken so many times from just wanting to be loved it’s no joke it’s a wonder my hearts not made of ice…

I have to tell you the only way you can pick yourself up from a shitty situation is to Learn from it let it go and next time around you truly know what you want from a relationship, you see all the red flags you don’t ignore them you make clearer choices and you don’t force or fake anything.

You learn that it’s OK to be yourself and its OK to be reserved untill your ready to drop your guard.

But to everyone who’s going through the dating situation now I have some advice for you, don’t stand for no bullshit if something doesn’t sit right don’t allow yourself to get drawn in by false promises and perception.

I can be completely honest I never thought I’d never let another man get close to me again but the universe had other plans for me, so I trusted what it had in store for me.

I’m getting used to being treated properly and it’s taking sole getting used to if I’m honest.

After years of lies and the cheating it takes a real man to take on the responsibility of fixing years of damage it takes patience and a certain type of man to be that understanding.

But work comes from both sides I’ve worked really hard on myself during the process and allowing myself to fall in love again has come natural it’s not been forced.

It was something that wasn’t forced it just happened and that’s the best kind of love.

I know moving on upsets alot of people I’ve lost a lot of followers but I’m a real person, now I’m all about what makes myself and my family happy after years of being unhappy and hiding myself…

I’m now looking forward to my future whatever it may brings.

So have faith don’t settle and don’t turn you back on love due to fear.

Love to you all

Stacey xx

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