May the flowers remind us why the rain was necessary.

Evening all just checking in with you all, I know I don’t blog as much as I used to but going through big life changes makes you choose your priorities carefully.

I think tonights blog post will be a reflection and a reminder to myself that whatever life throws at you, you will always pull through if you hold out hope.

I’m one of these human beings that won’t talk openly about my feelings face to face , to be honest it makes me feel vulnerable and I don’t like coming across as weak, as silly as that sounds.

I’ve known nothing but my whole adult life to fight or flight but it gets to a point when you just get tired of fighting and you just run away hoping that everything will fix itself, can I be completely honest with you running away never fixes the issue it only creates more mess and heartache along the way.

I’ve got to throw this out there as well don’t think anyone out there will fix you, you have to do it yourself and you have to really want to change yourself and your life to keep that promise to yourself to only ever go forward and never back.

My advise to you all is that don’t mask the issue with a temporary fix like substance and alcohol abuse it’s a short term fix trust me I know.

To pull yourself from a dark place is only half the battle that you win, You have to remember along the way you will loose people and situations will change dramatically in an instant but its all part of the process, once you open your eyes you will see that your the only one who can save yourself.

I’ve now learnt to embrace every situation as either a blessing or a life lesson.

After all the rain and all the scars I’ve found the end to my rainbow and even if its forever or for a moment I’ll be forever grateful.

Just remember nothing truly grows without a little rain.

Love to you all.

Stacey xx

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