Understand the journey and trust the process.

Evening all…

I dislike Sunday evenings so much time of reflection and anticipation of the week to come.

Life at times absolutely sucks, overthinking and trying to understand other people’s actions towards you can be soul distroying.

Every situation your dealt with is tough it’s testing but it’s how your react and deal with it is what makes you learn your biggest lessons

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been in such a dark place and I’m going to be completely honest with you all there’s been times where I’ve felt that I wouldn’t make it past the darkness, but here I am today here and present but far from complete.

You have to come to terms that’s sometimes you will ever understand another humans beings actions towards you.

But the what I’ve realised dispite my own faults I’m a dam good person, I’ve got a big loyal heart.

People have done me wrong all my life like most of you but its not turned me bitter its not had me running scared.

It’s held me responsible for my own actions it’s made me greatful for every breath I take into my body for every moment or memory I hold in my heart and mind.

Life’s a struggle it’s a shit show but it how you handle yourself during the process, it’s how you respect the ones who are truly there for you in your hour of need.

I dont mean the fake freinds or social media presence its the ones who have the ability to still care when you keep pushing them back those are the ones who will never let you down.

Don’t tarnish them with the same brush because they ain’t cut from the same cloth as us spiritual people.

Understand your journey the path your On now if don’t like where you are move your not stuck, if you hate your job leave that mother fucking job, work on yourself do what makes you happy and trust the universe something better is on it way.

If love comes your way at what seems like it’s wrong timing trust the process its going to help you heal and shape yourself into a better person.

To many people give up opportunities due to what seem like wrong timing, they can’t process that someone actually accept them for who they truly are, not all of us are after what someone can provide for us.

We provide for our dam self’s we are just looking for someone to share this journey with.

The good the bad and the ugly it’s all part of the process.

What I’ve learnt from my past is that I can never go back only ever forward and I’ll trust, I’ll love and I will be truly happy at some stage in my life again.. Its all about trusting the process.

Love to you all

Stacey xx

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