Sit down shut up and listen…

Good morning everyone hope your all well.

I’ve decided that today’s blog is going to be a pep talk to anyone who needs it.

I’ve awoke in one of the moods we’re the universe has told me to speak out loud for them.

Stacey isn’t one to hold back she’s a virgo.

When life feels like its a kick in the balls over and over again.

Nothing seems to be working out in your favour and you think how many more lessons do you need to go through before everything runs smooth.

Let me tell you something life’s full of lessons and situations where your tested to the limits.

You know the situation where you finally find a bit of happiness and your mind starts kicking and click overthinking kicks in only way I can imagine it that your head and heart kicking shit out of each other to see who wins first.

Who do I listen too let your soul step in the middle and say enough Is enough not today Satan.

Key to happiness is doing what makes you happy not everyone else it’s not selfish.

I get peoples opinions help but it’s just what they are opinions you don’t have to listen.

People don’t even listen to their own advice so why should you.

Since my marriage ended I’ve been in a process of healing and I’ve been surrounded by people’s opinions but people should know me by now I do what Stacey wants too.

After being treated like absolute shit most my life and over thinking things enough is enough once you breathe air back into your soul every day is a blessing.

Life is going to take you to some dark places but the light always overcomes the darkness it maybe that it takes time.

Don’t loose faith keep going..

I’m sat here in the beautiful town of malvern on the hills speaking my truth because this is where I feel most alive and at peace.

I didn’t think I would feel so free again but listen your here and your present every problem has a solution just take a different approach.

It’s easy for me to say be postive but even on the rough days pull your mother fucking pants up and show the world who you are……

Love to you all

Stacey xxx

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