Are we destined to Burn or will we last the night….

Good morning where ever you are in the world…

After beating my demons back under the bed with my bat, I’ve decided to set my soul on fire again and come to my escape place.

Everyone has a wobble mine are less and less these days but 80% I’m always high on life.

I’m in such a better place now sometimes I get lonely and wonder what’s wrong with me why doesn’t anyone want my love.

The trouble with me is that I’m looking for a proper Connection, I’m under no illusion that everyone has their demons people deal with things differently.

I’m not here to fix anyone I’m here to give Someone all the love they deserve.

And to be completely myself.

I dont know how else to act other than to be myself, I look past situations I believe that there isn’t one problem that can’t have a solution if you really want someone or something it’s not about the right time, time isn’t always on your side.

You have to embrace the here and now

I just want my person to see themselves through my eyes you’ll see you shine you shine…

It’s not about materialistic things with me it’s about the love the laughter the ability to pick each other up when times get rough.

I’m sat on this mountain side just wanting to scream out loud when will it be my turn.

I’m tierd.. If you have demons let’s make ours fall in love too..

Love to you all

Stacie xx

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