What is love?

Evening all

I thought I would do a little post this evening regarding love.

I get asked this question alot Stacie what is love?

And honestly people I’m not too sure I can only give you my understanding and experiences regarding the four letter word.

I need to be completely honest here and if any of my exs peep at my blogs I’m sorry but I’ve got to be completely honest here but i really don’t feel like I’ve ever felt love, the experiences I’ve had in past relationships wasn’t love it was a perfect deception an illusion of a text book relationship.

I’ve always wanted that connection and understanding with someone who truly accepts and appreciates me for who I am with flaws and all.

That’s never been case for me sadly I’ve been down that path of the unknown so many times you loose sight of who you truly are.

If love truly exists between two human beings they will never change who they are as a person, sure you make compromises like most things in life but you never try and change someone to suit your needs.

Everyone has a shadow side that’s how we balance the scales in life.

I believe true love, pure love is someone who you find that instant connection with, its someone you feel you have know a lifetime even upon first meeting.

This is know as a old soul connection or a past life connection.

You feel instantly drawn to them, the connection is so strong you feel alittle overwhelmed by it all, true connection doesn’t wait the universe doesn’t wait.

Two souls collide and that’s when I feel true love is formed, its a love to last a lifetime.. (the one)

We are put with other souls in our lifetime that may not have been compatable with us to prepare us for our lifetime partner to learn us to become better people or to learn a lesson not to make same mistakes twice.

Either way it’s preparation for your lifetime partner.

I agree heartache sucks it really does but its just preparing us for our soul partnerships.

It’s making us stronger people in the process.

I’ve nearly gave up a few times I’ve just thought maybe I should just give up on love, but no the universe whispered to me no give it one last chance.

Who knows what our future holds but falling in love is part of the adventure its part of the process but never ever loose sight of who you are that’s not love.

A true soul connection will be your biggest supporter, will make you smile when your down, understand your needs, let you be yourself true authentic self.

I’m a free spirit so the universe will only match me with another free spirit like attracts like.

Love to you all.

Stacie xx

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