The inner mind of a virgo

Evening all hope your all OK.

Have you ever wondered what goes on Inside a virgos head sometimes it’s a dangerous place.

We overthink and under play ourselves so much to the point we would rather blend in the background and hide untill it’s safe to surface again.

Even though we are human beings alot of us virgos don’t actually like other humans, we only get along with a small number of people during our lifetime.

By that I mean a proper Connection will be formed.

A virgo will quickly make their mind up about a person but won’t judge a situation. Infact a virgo will do their best to try and help the ones they love.

We are passionate lovers and fall in love deep you will always be imprinted onto a virgos heart.

We are very picking with whom we share our time and energy with, the way we see it is being honest and not to brutal is always the best policy.

A virgo will never bullshit you or play games, they just want the best for the people they love.

Me being a virgo I can understand it can be quite hard for people to understand and read my emotions.

For new connections it’s really difficult beacause we always look like this…

Yep you can’t quite read us…

And for you men out there wanting to date a virgo you best buckle up buttercup your in for one hell of a ride..

Ahh we ain’t no trouble we just we know what we want and exactly how to get it.

If your a male or female out there who’s dating a virgo or who’s married to one you will know exactly what I mean.

Once you have had a virgo no other star sign will come close.

Sarcasm is how we deal with situations not always best way to deal with issues but a virgo would rather laugh than cry.

When dealing with emotional issues a virgo will always step back untill their 100% sure on a situation.

Once you crack that tough exterior we are just truly grateful and spiritual people who will love unconditionally.

And want to be loved in return a virgo will often save others before themselves.

But sometimes we need saving too.

Love to you all

Stacie xx

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