You just don’t get it…

Evening all

Hope you’re all well tonights post is also about the D yes dating.

Over 18’s only tonight..

You know how it is you breakup with someone you spend sometime healing, soul searching and then your ready to be thrown back out into the shark pit.

That’s exactly what it is a flipping shark pit.

It’s a world of sexual advances, have you got Snapchat & Shitty small talk.

Don’t get me started on cheesy chat up lines… Get your coat love you have pulled..

Who put 50 pence in that dickhead.

I dont hate men Infact I’ve got some great male friends but honestly dating is like finding a needle in a haystack.

I’m looking for a connection with someone a proper one.

I’ve recently got out of an on off eleven years connection with someone who had more red flags than Jimmy savil.

So this time round I’m hoping to get it right.

So there’s this qoute in dating everyone hates and it’s….

I’ve been ghosted that many times it’s starting to make me really hate my favourite season yes Halloween..

I get it we all have likes and dislikes in life that’s perfectly normal but if your waiting for the perfect person I’m going to burst your bubble here no such thing.

Who’s perfect no one we all have faults.

Trouble is these days everything is so easy accessible.

We have all been there my experience with tinder alone should of made me want to die alone surrounded by fifty cats.

But little old me keeps on going I’m waiting for my knight in shining armor all I keep getting is pricks in tin foil where relationship are concerned.

I’m pretty much out spoken I don’t hide anything if I like someone I like someone.

And I just go for it.

And all this it’s all about timing business time what time What the hell you waiting for the rise of atlantis mate not going to happen.

I’m not saying get married week after you meet plan four babies and get white rangerover.

But I just don’t get it men play it that cool then end up freezing the whole situation and then wonder whats gone wrong.

I get it people have been hurt in past relationships and…

But not everyone is the same as your ex there still are genuinely nice people out there who will show you real love and real connection.

But your not going to get perfection everyone has flaws.

If there is anyone out there that reads my blog knows how brutally truthful I am about my personal life.

I dont talk about everything in detail but if someone asks ill be honest.

This dating lark sucks lot of pushing and shoving you always get very little in the end.

And on that note if you have any dating stories you would like to share with me please comment below.

Ide love to know I’m not swimming in the shark pit alone.

Love to you all

Stacey xx

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