Faith over fear

Heya everyone I’m back to my late night blogging again.

Tonight post is all about having faith over fear.

Stop procrastinating over what could go wrong, instead think of what could go right.

You get one chance to live this lifetime, you guys know I’m a big believer of what you put out to the universe will come back to you.. So if you always put negativty out you will only attract negative energy.

Most people in life have passed on something or someone that could of been a chance of a lifetime just beacause they fear of what could go wrong.

With great opportunites comes a great risk but isn’t that the excitement of it all.

Life doesn’t come with a manual even the wisest of people sometimes get it wrong.

Everyone’s experienced heartbreak, rejection and disappointment. So the natural reaction is to be extremely cautious about every aspect of life.

Isn’t it crazy how one life experience can consume your whole life.

Well your OK to hurt and be angry for a short time but life goes on, your life experiences grow you as person you will heal in time but you must hold faith and understanding that every process we go through makes us stronger and better.

After all the hurt and pain I’ve been through in my life time it’s not made me a bitter person Infact it’s done the total opposite its made me a stronger and more understanding person.

As I start my new path to life and love I’m finding my understanding of life has completely changed.

It’s made me realise that I can’t fix what’s always been broken, it’s made me realise how much you hold on you end up hurting the most. And that some human beings are just shitty human beings it’s just how they vibe and I don’t vibe with that.

I’m realising that I deserve to be happy, I deserve to show the real me, there’s someone out there for me who will just completely get me and last bit least that positivity will always over shine the darkness.

You just got to have faith and follow your own instincts they never lie.

Love to you all

Stacey xx

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