In time everything will make perfect sense.

It’s 3am and at this time of day my mind is still so active..

They say in time everything will make perfect sense, whoever come up with that qoute would of probably been a very wise person, with a lot of life experience.

The universe doesn’t send us situations that we cannot overcome, nor does it send us people we can’t deal with, that’s a known fact.

Every struggle or situation we have thrown our way has its very own lesson to be learnt from , In order for us to evaluate and evolve into better human beings.

These experiences can be painful, overwhelming, scary and life changing.

But it’s the way you deal with the situation and how you heal and progress overtime that shapes the pathway onto the next stage of your life.

We learn alot about ourselves during our struggles in life, you also find out who really cares for you during the difficult times.

We can get so wrapped up in how society expects us to look,act and live during our lifetimes we never really truly find happiness within ourselves.

Going through my own life changing experience recently I’ve found out a few things about myself, At the time I didn’t really realise how unhappy I truly was within myself, I felt like I was trapped in someone else’s life and I hated it.

It’s the little things that matter in life like loyalty, respect, admiration, and your own personal achievement however big or small they maybe.

When the false mask slips and you show who you really are you can either let it expose you or you can let it shape you into a better version of yourself.

In time situations from your past will make you understand the lessons you needed to learn in life to push you onto you new chosen path.

Trust in yourself and listen to your own emotions.

I’m so ready to move on to the next stage in my life I’m ready to be happy again and achieve as much as I can.

And most importantly learn to love freely again.

Love to you all

Stacie xx

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