There’s only one queen of this castle!!!

Hello everyone it’s me again hope your all well.

I’m sat in my back garden in the gorgeous sunshine.. I’ve had a great sleep worked out and I’m ready for the rest of the day.

How my life has changed over the past few months.

And my god how strong I’ve got during the process.

Sometimes the illusion of how you want life to be really hides the truth behind the situation.

And my situation wasn’t good in fact it was a part of my life that I’ve learnt alot from.

It’s taught me everything I don’t want from a life partner.

It’s taught me how much you do for some people it’s never enough.

It’s taught me alot about myself, that I don’t need to compress myself to be perfect for someone whos only intention was to break my spirit and my self esteem by gaslighting me.

To the right person I’ll be everything and more.

I laugh alot more now and my girls can see I’m alot happier and they are happier too.

I can’t say it was all bad at the start but after nearly 11 years the doors firmly closed and I’m ready to move on and finally breathe again.

Whatever people think about me I really don’t care always remember there’s two sides to a story and you will find out for your self soon enough.

Least I’m glad now the universe has put me on the right path.

Look out in the future for my little family adventures, dating stories and much more.

Love to you all ❤️❤️

Stacie x

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