Snooze From The News.. Taking Care Of Your Mental Health During Covid 19

Good Evening all

Its Friday and I’m officially off work for the weekend i can only send my apologies for my absence from my blog ive been so busy and exhausted when ive been at home.

Ive been wanting to do this blog for a while , I’ve received messages from lovely people all over the world regarding mental health during the covid pandemic.

When we are suppressed into a situation that isn’t normal to us it can be very overwhelming and scary.

For someone who struggles with daily life in everyday normal situations to then be forced into what everyone calls the new normal it can be a struggle.

You never need to be ashamed of your emotions or admitting to being overwhelmed its better to talk and connect to support network or to close family and friends.

Never bottle up your feelings to the point where it can feel like your head may explode.
There’s always some to talk to.

Within the current pandemic it can be extremely difficult to keep up with all the changes but let me ask you a few questions.

Have you been drawn into the media frenzy or exposed and drawn in to false information ?

Do you find that your obsessing over social media , news paper headlines and T.V ?

Do you feel like your feelings and opinions can’t be express in fear of being ridiculed.

I want to share my own thoughts and experience’s with my readers just to make you aware everyone has their own free speech and free will everyone has an entitlement to say how their feeling.

There isn’t no wrong or right way to feel every person is different and as soon as people understand that the more people won’t feel like they need to compress themselves into perfect bubble.

I don’t know about you all but back in March and April this year I felt glued to the TV and social media watching for updates from this man….

At first I backed Boris for the emense task he had  ahead of him.

As time went on things started to not make much sense my fear started to turn into suspicion and now anger.

I must state I completely feel for everyone who’s lost loved ones during this pandemic and this blog isn’t about me not caring its about people’s mental health.

But things didn’t add up and the obsession I had was mentally draining along side the pressure of it all.

So what did i start doing….

Yes I turned off the TV and started taking snoozes on all my social media profiles.

I didn’t want to see it..
It wasn’t me ignoring the pandemic it was me drawing my energy back from all this negative energy and focusing on the future and my own progression.

I must state don’t get drawn into the media frenzy of false news and click bait listen to the facts follow the guidelines.

News editors are well know for twisting a story to make it more appealing to readers.
It’s all about the sales.

I’ve got to be honest don’t like coronavirus talk in my house in fact it’s banned.

I say you need to..

We all have our own theories and thoughts but always remember at the moment it restricts our movements not our abilities to be human beings.

We still need self care, friendships, family and love, we will get back to normal.

Ecomany will bounce back.
Health services will improve and you as humans will bounce back.

Never allow your own opinion be defined by what others think that’s their views everyone is different.

So music isn’t banned, walks are not Banned, laughter isn’t Banned, life isn’t banned it’s just restricted don’t let the media put you in a dark place.

Dont let your mind or others stop you from speaking your truth.

Take a snooze from the news and beat those pandemic blues.

Love to you all

Stacie xx


Published by youmeandthepowerofthree

Hi I'm Stacie I'm 34 busy mum from the West Midlands 🇬🇧 Started blogging April 2019 I hope you like my blog posts

2 thoughts on “Snooze From The News.. Taking Care Of Your Mental Health During Covid 19

  1. That’s the thing. It’s so important for us to take care for ourselves, and while it is important to keep up to date with what is going on in the news, there is so much misinformation too and it is obviously not good for our mental health. Therefore it’s best to check on what’s going on every now and then, rather than constently.


    1. Hello Victoria I hope your doing well.
      Its extremely important to look after our own mental health during covid things can get very overwhelming sometimes just knowing the basic facts without becoming obsessed is enough x

      Liked by 1 person

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