Two Day Mini Break North West Uk

Good Evening All.

I hope you are all ok , sorry i haven’t blogged a lot during the last few days but i have been taking some time away from everyday life.

Living in the North West i feel so lucky to live by some amazing places to visit.

Growing up in the West Midlands we always had to travel along way to be by the seaside now i have it on my doorstep and i feel so lucky to be where i am in this present moment in my life.

So let me tell you about my two day break and how Covid 19 impacted it.

So a few weeks ago i decided that i was in need of a break away from home life , work and daily routines just so we could try and relax and recharge and actually spend some time together.

So I booked to go to the (Vegas of the North ) Blackpool ,Lancashire ( Fylde Coast)

Its not everyone’s cup of tea i couldn’t even get my dad there even if i bribed him but its something about its traditional seaside experience that draws millions of people to visit every year.

There is plenty to do in Blackpool but I’m going to be honest unless you need to pre plan and pre book tickets to attractions , otherwise you may need a small bank loan its always best to pre book for the best deals on tickets.

During my trip the weather wasn’t fantastic was windy but I’m not complaining its a break away.

Now lets get the Covid 19 experience out the way .

I have very mixed feelings as ive worked all through the pandemic like most key workers have , we have been used to a lot of changes on a daily basis.

Anyone who is still traveling during Covid will understand what I’m about to say.

The messages are mixed and what you need to understand is that as long as you do your bit and stick within the guidelines set by the venue and location you cant go wrong of course there is a risk in doing anything in life.

Wear a mask when stated , Sanitize Hands , use track and trace guidelines for each venue that’s how you can do you bit.

There will be queuing wherever you go within One or two meter rule depending on the company policies possible temperature checks to as long as you understand the procedure’s and do your part you can still enjoy your break.

But what you all need to know is that life must go on.

Lets get on with the fun part Blackpool Attractions.

The Golden Mile is the stretch of Promenade between the North and South pier full of attractions such as…

Sea life Centre (Merlin saver pass)

Madame Tussauds (Merlin saver Pass)

Blackpool Tower and Ballroom (Merlin saver Pass)

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Sandcastles Waterpark

Coral Island

The Dungeons (Merlin Saver Pass)

It also has a great shopping Centre full of gift shops and high street brands.

Its a short bus ride to the neighbouring St Anne’s and Lytham .

Blackpool also holds three major event’s yearly a firework Competition, Illumination’s And Blackpool Air Show.

It also hosts a modern Clean Seafront with plenty of dining out and takeaway restaurant’s .

Lets get down to where to say…

Did you know .. The resort has over 3,000 hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfasts.

Between them, they offer over 90,000 rooms, more than most other UK cities.

I found a lovely hotel around three years ago just located in central Blackpool i have to give credit to the owners of Happy Return Hotel they have worked so hard on the hotel its truly fabulous and their service is amazing to a true credit to the Lancashire tourist board.

If your looking to stay somewhere that’s a home from home in a lovely clean modern establishment then this is the hotel for you i have posted link and pictures below for you all to see but i highly recommend The Happy Return hotel.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Here are few pictures from My trip ..


I have posted links below to major Attractions Located in Blackpool.

Sandcastle Waterpark

I hope you find my blog interesting and helpful if your planning on paying a visit to the Vegas of the North that is known as Blackpool


Sending Love to you all 

Stacie xxx



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