Weekly Guidance 14/08/2020 to 21/08/2020

Hello Everyone..

Its time for weekly guidance from your one and only seashells and lipgloss aka Stacie.

This week i will be using my saints and angels oracle deck because i love to switch the energy up a bit to keep you all coming back for more.

First of all i must state that all my weekly guidance posts are for entertainment purpose only and are for all signs and all element’s.

Take what resonates and leave the rest.

Here it goes..

1st Card


With this card you are being protected from negative influence’s , helping you to remain optimistic and filled with faith surrounding a current situation you are being shown to keep faith and stand firm with your choices.

As you enter a new stage in your life path you will be ready to let go of the past and move forwards with lessons learnt and knowledge gained from past experience’s your not going to make the same mistake twice but you need to also let go of fear regarding a new connection the past only repeats itself if you allow it to.

Have Confidence and know that you hold your own power.

2nd Card


You are being rewarded for all your efforts , hard work and dedication from helping others.

Its time to now take a step back and reap your reward and focus on your own needs and desires.

Your reward will come to you unexpectedly and in a happy and fore filling way , know you are being protected and loved from your loved ones in spirit.

I am being told that a lot of you have been giving your energy out and not gaining much in return this is why spirit is now saying to retreat and rejuvenate yourself .

Your good karma is on its way back to you.

3rd Card

Steady Progress

This card is all about yes you guessed it progress …

I feel that some of you are feeling very frustrated surrounding current and past situations.

spirit world wants you to know that you cant change the past but you can make progress in the present and the future.

And that’s where the progress is needed, don’t dwell on the past let go of the guilt and regrets and heart ache make way few new and exciting opportunities.

You are making progress even if you don’t feel like you are..

Small steps .

4th Card


With this card i feel that a lot of you have been feeling emotionally unattached over the past few months , im being shown low moods and lost of interest .

You are now going through a period of healing so allow yourself to accept the healing and start thinking about your own need and getting back on track.

Be especially aware of messages, signs and synchronicities at this time; they are a direct communication from the Universe guiding you in the right direction.

Look for Earth Angels at this time too.

People who are specially placed in your life to help you. 

5th Card


With this card i feel a lot of you have been getting messages and signs in your dream state i feel that for some of you also sleep issues have been having a massive impact on your day to day life.

Sleep and rest is needed to be able to function right in life not only for our physical state but also mental state ,some of you have been not able to switch off at night and overthinking causing you to feel fear and allowing it to distract your mind from getting clear messages and guidance coming through for you during your dream state.

Spirit are making me aware that you need to change your bedtime routine i feel a lot of you have been wrapped up in current situations that are out of your control , wrapped up in the media and what other people are doing.

When it comes to night time allow yourselves to rest and quieten your mind to allow guidance to come to you.

6th Card

Speak Your Truth

When you speak your truth with courage and conviction, people take notice.

You can release any fears and doubts that your words will be met with disbelief if you first ask assistance from your angels and guides.

Ask them to send like minded people to you, who will aid you in your journey.

Often we know what is right, but we are held back by fear of judgement from others around us.

  It may be that they really need to hear what we have to say, and their fear and judgement comes from the simple fact that they just don’t understand us, yet, and that is what causes them to fear what we have to say.

Thank you for reading i hope you gained comfort and guidance from this weeks post.

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Sending Love to you all

Stacie xx

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