Evening all ❤️

I hope you have all had a good day.

This week feels like it’s gone so quickly.

The week didn’t start of too well but towards the end of the week I feel postive happy and determined to really make a change in my life..

I’m so fed up of putting everyone else first.

Constantly working and running around after other people.

I’ve always been used to not having much support that’s not a dig to my family but I’ve always coped on my own with the girls.

They have always come first and my home has always come first and I’ve always wanted my girls to have the best I can possibly provide for them.

But something I’ve not been doing is looking after me and my own wellbeing.

I’ve put a lot of things aside the past few months to help others and enough is enough.

I did loose a bit of self confidence but I feel I’m getting stronger and back to my old self every day.

I’ve been mostly bothered about my health and my body and I really want to shift this last 2 stone of weight but atm it’s been very hard to find the motivation.

But I just keep telling myself…

I’m super excited I’ve ordered my first fasting program I’m fully aware it’s not a quick fix but with my body and other health issues it’s hard for my body to kick start into ketosis.

I’ve heard so many people’s reviews on this program it seems not to be some fad dieting.

But it helps ketosis kick in which helps actually shift the pounds and not just out your bank account it’s actually very affordable.

You can start on 7 days plans to 30 day plans but I’ve been advised not to do it for any longer than 10 days.

I have to add I’ve not been gifted this program I’ve paid for it myself out of my hard earned cash.

But I’m excited to review 😊

I will also be reviewing the St tropez bronzing gel in a few days which I was gifted.

Everyone who knows me knows I love a tan…

I will be back to singing again and songwriting again soon.

Alongside me continuing to write my book and poetry.

It’s time to start putting me first and realigning my soul again.

Love to you all 😊

Stacie 🐚 💋 💄 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


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