99 letters that I wrote to you.

99 letters that I wrote to you.

Loves a funny aspect of life it makes you feel and say things you wouldn’t normally feel or say.

It can make a soul completely lost within its own vessel just by feeling emotion.

But what do you do when your really trying to move on from that emotion.
But when you don’t get the answers you need you have to find your own ways of healing without knowing the complete truth..

When I went to see my spiritual councillor she said to me holding on to unhealthy patterns and trying to get answers you automatically know you will never know the truth too will in the end completely consume you.. Distroy your soul and drive you insane.

She told me I have this ability to read people in the most amazing way.
I don’t look at a person and see what is needed to see you see everything.
I watch I observe body language the way someone connects to another person she said it’s  remarkably unquie.

I’ve heard of a theory where writing your emotions down on paper to the person in  question as if you were writing to someone who had gone to war, or  someone you may never see again in person would bring great peace.
This may seem a little odd but there are parts of my life I can’t openly share on my blog certain parts of my love life being one of them.

So I decided to start writing letters seems absolutely mental I know person in question would never read them but beacuse communication was cut off and I could no longer tell them how my day had gone or if something good happened I felt a little lost and a little sad.

Sometimes even just having a rant about work or chatting about life in general.
Silly things you miss and take for granted when gone.

Losing someone after knowing someone for so long and being the only person you ever wished to be yourself with kind of sucked when they had gone.
I could no longer speak to them and to this day it still hurts.

All the things I could never find the words to say out loud I wrote them down in a very formal old fashioned letter.

Today  I wrote my last one I vowed if I didn’t hear of them by the 99th letter I had to physically move on.

Now I’m done..

The universe works in very strange ways and as a human I will try any theory to help healing process.

I have grown so much now and I’m happy within myself but I’ve had to try many times to be strong and keep pushing forward.

There maybe method in my madness and it may not work for everyone but in years to come I will look back and know I survived and I will know I only ever loved unconditionally.

Love to you all 😊

Stacie 🐚 💋 💄 ❤️ ❤️


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