10 ways to spot a catfish.

Evening all ❤️

I’m currently blogging from the comfort of a nice hot bath trying to get rid of this vile viral infection..

Since I’ve been or sick I’ve been binge watching two series one is the crown on nextflix and the other is the famous mtv show catfish.

I absolutely can’t get the back of why anyone would want to catfish anyone!

Too much effort to many lies..

I’ve never even been tempted to check out an ex using a fake account after a breakup their an ex for a reason who cares what they are doing and who they are seeing.

What you don’t see can’t piss you off right!!!!

That to me is 💯 true don’t engage with it don’t let it get to you life becomes less negative and you fill your time more productively.

Back to catfish well just incase you guys and girls haven’t blessed your eyes and ears with such vulnerability here is what’s catfishing means…

What is a catfish?

A catfish is a fake or stolen online identinty created by a person and used for the purposes of beginning a deceptive relationship.

Not all cases are as they seem but most of the people are very vulnerable and actually madly in love with someone they have never met in person.

I personally couldn’t project that much of my time and engery into something that to me doenst seem genuinely real.

It’s probably pretty harsh of me to judge but I truly believe you couldn’t just fall in love with a picture?

After a few failed relationships I actually feel you need get to know someone before the love and trust is their between you both and you have to actually spent time in person with the person in question to know and understand what they are like.

Anyone can hide who they are online.

Here comes to the important part the theory and the the 10 steps on how to know when you have a catfish swimming around you…

So the theory!!!

You log on to you social accounts check your emails and dm’s and you get this random cute guy or girl send you a friends request or a follow, you think there’s nothing to loose so why not and you accept maybe hour later you get a dm or a few likes on old and new pictures on Instagram.

You think oh well they must like what they see so you just go about your day then the dm comes..

‘hey how are you BTW you look very cute in your pictures I love your Instagram so inspiring’.

Beacuse your not rude you respond with a hey thanks for the follow and the dm and the nice comments what brings you to my profile.

Response goes on back and forth for maybe hours days and weeks maybe months.

And you try find out more about them but when you get too personal they close off.

You feel a connection to them even though they don’t have a lot of pictures or friends etc the idea of someone showing you attention and love really makes you like this person more.

So you ask to meet they always brush off the conversation or agree to meet but never show up!!

Fustrating right well this is where nev and max come in USA are so lucky they actually have a team of people who actually help vulnerable people either confront the catfish and move on with life or actually unite people who actually genuinely are the real deal.

75% of them turn out to be catfish.

It’s not sweet Tiffany who’s 25 has her own house and drives a fancy sports car.

It’s Timothy who’s 58 lives in his mums basement and who can’t get his arse on a push bike.

I’m Sorry but that’s the harsh truth and the reality of the Internet you can be anyone you want to be compelety the furthest away from you true self it’s unreal.

Here’s the most important part for your own wellbeing how to spot a catfish..

1.Too good to be true photos

Do they look like a model? Do they seem way too perfect to be a normal person? Search their photos using Google Search By Image – if you find the same images on lots of different sites linked to different names or if the images turn up on a stock photo site or modelling site, you might want to think twice

2. Too good to be true life

Don’t be too quick to believe everything you read. If they claim to be a brain surgeon and part time pilot, who enjoys running monthly marathons and volunteering to save the children in Africa, your alarm bells might start ringing.

3. No photos or webcam

Be alert to any profiles that offer no photos. Early in your interaction, ask them to send you a photo and if they refuse, you might become suspicious. Having a web chat is a great way to explore the level of chemistry between you. If they claim to have no access to a webcam (unusual these days), your intuition might tell you something.

4. Saying exactly what you want to hear.

Many victims report that the person said all the right things, they tapped into their deepest needs and said only positive things. We all know that ‘real people’ have flaws and tend to say a combination of positive, negative and neutral things so look out for this.

5. Too serious, too soon

Real intimacy takes time to build, it is based on trust. If they move too quickly into the realm of love and commitment, try not to be flattered. This may be a sign that they are not legitimate.

6. Asking for money

This should be a massive red flag (but unfortunately, many people are seduced by this). If they ask you for cash, this is an indicator that their intentions are based on something other than finding love – walk away!

7. Very low social media friend count

Check out their Facebook, Instagram twitter page as soon as you can. Often, when a Catfish sets up their false dating profile, they set up corresponding Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts to demonstrate ‘social proof’ that they exist. If their other social media profiles appeared online around the same date as their dating profile, this could be an indicator of deception. If their Facebook profile has less than 100 friends or no people are tagged in their photos, this is also an indicator of a fake profile.

8. Traumatic life events

Many Catfish create elaborate stories to play on your sympathy, especially in the lead up to asking for money. Be aware of anyone who talks about major illnesses, traumas or unusual life events in the context of ‘feel sorry for me’.

9. Excuses, excuses, excuses

A key indicator of a Catfish is that they will not want to meet you in person (or via webcam). Be aware of anyone who constantly makes excuses as to why they can’t meet. A good guide is to aim to meet in person within one month of connecting online.

10. Trust your gut

Most victims of Catfish report that there were many little signs, lots of times when their gut told them NO but their heart told them YES. This is one situation where it is important to listen to your intuition, it’s there for a reason. Your unconscious mind gives you hints when it suspects someone is not the real deal, listen to it!

I know it’s a long blog post tonight but I honstly wanted to share with you how to be wise when it comes to others online.

I personally have had issues with fake profiles and I would rather the real person behind the fake profiles try and add me or contact me using their real accounts that way you can choose weither or not to respond appropriately.

Also check out mtv’s catfish series it will amaze you how vulnerable the people of this world can be when subjected to false promises and love.

Love to you all 😊

Stacie 🐚 💋 💄 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️




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