Salt of the Earth, my friend It’s all that we are in the end..

Evening all hope your all well.

Thanks to Mr Lewis Capaldi for the headline it’s take from his track headspace.

He’s not the most colourful and prettiest crayon in the box but when he sings he hits places in your soul not even gandhi could reach.

I’m in a reflective mood today.

I’ve been trying to keep myself busy with Christmas trying to block everything out and make Christmas special for my girls.

It’s hard when you put so much pressure on yourself to become perfect when you know deep down your far from even resembling perfect.

When we are kids we are told to grow up, go to school, leave school, get a job fall in love , own your own home get married have babies.

Well isn’t that just perfect!!!

Life’s really not just about the order seeing the bigger picture that’s good if you live life to follow the path living a stereotypical life.

I’m not knocking anyone that does want or follows that path in life but it’s not really what we are meant to just do is follow.

Life isn’t about following it’s about living.

So ok if you don’t see or enjoy the simple things in life your missing out on samples of what life has to offer.

Worring about fitting in and being perfect living up to other people’s expectations and ignoring your own.

We are told by people you can’t follow your dreams because your not good enough.

You are forced to stay in a relationships or commitments you dispise because your scared of what comes next and you hate change.

Forced to give up your time to please other people for some who never give anything back….

For me anyone who doesn’t see the signs around them and enjoys the simple pleasures of life are dangerous they only see one path and that’s just going to end in a complete soul breakdown.

Everything you have been through has made you stronger it’s made you wiser and you got through it.

Sometimes we are hit with situations because it’s taking us onto better things in life and instead of being bitter thank the situation or the person for being a part of your journey but you must close the door and move on.

But you need to breathe and forgive yourself and think Fuck fear, fuck self doubt, fuck what others think…

Just do you…..

Sorry for swearing šŸ¤¬

Today I’ve been chilled I’ve been to the beach with my youngest and I’ve been to see frozen 2 and even in that Ive seen signs for myself.

Signs from the universe are everywhere even in the smallest of experiences you just need to look for them and take them on board.

Being at the beach recharges my soul clears my head and makes me refocus and realise how lucky I am to be alive and live the life I live it’s not always easy or smooth sailing and everyday I’m a slave to the heartbreak.

But everyday I wake up its a blessing.

With the last few days remaining in 2019 I want to let go, I want to say I forgive you because I do.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and if the universe crosses our paths again know that I’m a completely different soul in the same body.

Love to you all šŸ˜Š

Stacie šŸš šŸ’‹ šŸ’„ ā¤ļø ā¤ļø ā¤ļø

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Hi I'm Stacie I'm 34 busy mum from the West Midlands šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§ Started blogging April 2019 I hope you like my blog posts

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