5 Reasons Why He Will Regret Letting You Go….

I know that break-ups are painful because I was subjected to one. I didn’t know how to feel about it and I wasn’t sure of my own thoughts running through my head.

There are many reasons why he will regret the decision of letting you go and you have every right to think so. In most cases, men act driven by their impulses and that is the main reason why they eventually end up regretting something they’ve done impulsively.

For example, his impulse tells him that there are plenty other women who are more attractive and driven by his impulse, he starts to search for that perfect woman in order to realize that the perfect woman does not exist.

Even though he may find a more attractive woman, he will not be satisfied because she will lack other qualities you had.

Here are the most common reasons a man will regret letting you go:

1. He didn’t like one of your flaws and then he realized other women had many more.

Perhaps he didn’t like the way you’re stubborn about some things and his impulses tell him that there are other women who are not that stubborn. Soon, he regrets the decision of letting you go because he realizes that other women are both stubborn and annoying.

He wishes he had known what a good woman you were. His impulses lured him into making the mistake of his life where he realizes that now he will have to accept not just one flaw but a whole package of flaws. He will blame himself for such wrong thoughts and hastiness.

2. He realized that he is the one to blame.

There’s nothing more annoying than realizing that you were the one who fucked it up. When he realizes that he is the one to blame for what happened, he will not be able to live with it. It will haunt him day and night and he will be unable to sleep because of it.

Don’t let his pretense make you think that he is doing just fine without you (because men are really good at this).

He will blame himself for not appreciating such a good woman he once had. And he will realize that in the near future he will not be able to replace you with another one.

He will realize that you are irreplaceable and it will make him feel like shit.

3. He realized that he had false priorities.

When he was with you, he didn’t bother making you his priority. He neglected you in every sense of neglecting someone, in order to pay attention to other priorities he had.

Now that you’re gone, he realizes that his priorities mean nothing to him now you’re not here. He will torture himself over this fact and will never forgive himself for making such a stupid mistake as he did.

He will be aware of that and even if calls you, you will tell him that he no longer exists on your priority list. He will regret not making you his priority because you were everything that mattered to him. He will regret losing someone who actually cared about him a lot.

4. He knows you’ll find someone who will treat you better than him.

Men are really competitive in almost every aspect of their life. When it comes to love, they always want to be those who will overshadow other men.

They want to feel like they are the best thing that ever happened to you and that you chose them for their qualities. Once they succeed at it, they most often forget to maintain what they have fought for.

They take you for granted and once you’re gone they simply cannot stand the fact that someone else will treat you better than them. They will know that you deserve someone better than them and because of that, they will be mad at themselves because they failed at it.

5. He will realize that you were the best he ever had.

It is really painful when you realize that the person you let go was the best fit for you. In search of something wild and new, he will realize what he had left behind him.

He will regret not fighting to keep you once he had a chance because no matter how long he keeps searching, he subconsciously knows that he will never find someone like you.

Love to you all 😊

Stacie 🐚 💋 💄 ❤️ ❤️

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