If it’s destroying you it isn’t love my dear

Hey evening all ❀️

Hope you’re all well..

Fingers crossed this weeks going well 🀞🀞

Going straight into my blog post this evening.

I received an email from a lady named Rebecca she lives in the πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

She didn’t mind me naming her and enlightening you all on a situation she has been going through she just wanted honest advice.

I really treasure that she felt like she could contact me and ask for my imput.

Rebecca emailed me to get some clarification on a guy she’s involved with I do get a lot of requests privately and I do my best to help anyway I can.

This is the message she sent me….

Dear stacie

I absolutely love your blog your so true with your words.

I can really relate to you and your life experiences.

I’m looking for answers regarding a romantic situation I seem to find myself in.

Here is a brief history regarding my situation.

I’ve know Mr x for a few years now we have mutual friends between us so we always used to see each other at parties and events.

I’ve got to admit I’ve always had a little bit of a crush on him.

But as we where friends I never wanted to overstep the boundaries.

Over two years ago we both found ourselves single.

It was a very difficult time for us both & I think both of our negativty pulled us together.

But not in the way I expected it to things didn’t quite work out well for us.

Im now left feeling very confused and wondering if there’s anything we can salvage between us. .

At the moment we are not communicating due to arguments but I’m being told he’s been looking at my social media profiles.

Please help me make sense of this situation as I feel like I’m going out my mind.

Love Rebbeca xx

So here it goes….

When it comes to men they are complicated creatures.

It’s very hard to read a man and what he’s feeling when he’s unsure himself about a situation.

Leaves us thinking…

Everything can be going great suddenly things just change and its out of your control.

Men don’t think like us women and I don’t mean that to sound sexcist but they don’t.

We all want to live in a perfect world live happily with people who love us but finding that special someone takes time and you will make mistakes and get your heart broken in the process.

I’m not saying either that all men are the same but commitment and men don’t mix unless their ready for it.

You can’t force anything

Here’s ten ways to…

Handle to Dating a Commitment-Phobe

1 Ask What Their Relationship Goals Are.

2.Commitment-phobes tend to have a lot of short-term

3.relationships and are serial daters. ..

4. Give Yourself a Timeline. .

..5.Make Sure Your Own Needs are Met. …
6.Don’t Rush Them. …

7.Give Them Space. …
8.Try and Get Them to Open Up More. …

9. Avoid Nagging Them About It. …
10.Understand That They May Never Commit.

Being in a state of confusion and heartbreak is terrible and it can really mess with someone’s head.

I would be telling you to be honest but I feel when someone’s like…

What is there left to do but wonder and wait.

No absolutely not don’t wait he’s obviously unsure or maybe a little bit frightened to get too close so he leaves you feeling

Confused and anxious men have this ability for tunnel vision they only see was in front of them not what’s surrounding them.

And often they end up loosing out on something special in life due to fear of falling to deep.

Maybe it’s past emotions or experiences that have planted a deep-rooted seed of doubt in their minds

But what we allow from the past always effects our future.

This is why men push away anything good in fear of the past recurring in their future.

So my advice Rebecca is that don’t dwell to much on what he wants and focus on yourself.

If he’s checking your social media I feel he’s still attached to you somewhere or he’s just being nosey to see if you have moved on either way leave him to it.

Just live your life make your own progress you deserve more than unanswered questions.

Never let your love of someone distroy you ever.

I’m sure whatever went down within your relationship weither it be negative or postive you will both eventually forgive each other and either move on or progress forward.

I really hope I’ve helped Rebecca..

Sending love to you all..

No men where hurt in this blog post I hope 🀞🀞❀️

Love stacie xxx


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