Ask and you shall receive 🌌

Good evening all ❤️

It’s Monday and I’ve been super busy with work and mum duties.

But Mondays not been so bad as of yet…

I’ve got to share this very weird situation I’ve been in today.

So after I watched another lovely ladies blog she was talking about asking the universe for what you want she had tried asking the universe questions and got her clarification.

she’s a women who’s been through a lot of ups and downs like most of us and who is just trying to repair her life and look towards the future..

So I decided to give it a try you see I’ve been in a very confusing state the past few months and I’ve been very undecided on what to do next so I’m actually at the point where I will give anything a try.

I can’t directly get the answers I need to move forward as unfortunately I’m cut off.

As you can imagine that’s beyond my abilities to sort out the situation when someone cuts you off so I will basically try anything.

Unfortunately I’m not going to discuss what I asked the universe but what I will tell you what the outcome was.

I was waking to work this am music on feeling this vibe like I needed to try something to help with the healing.

And I remembered stephs post and wondered what if it really does work.

What I’m about to share with you, you may think I’m some right fruit loop (crazy person).

So after the sun started to rise over a cold icy misty morning I thought sod it anythings is worth a try.

I cleared my mind asked the question in my head and I gave the universe two options for my answers for yes I said show me pink hearts for no show me green hearts.

So I waited listing to my music minding my own business within five minutes I got my answer this is no lie the road I walk down is mostly quite that time of the morning it’s very close to the countryside but low and behold I got my answer first pink heart I saw I actually thought that’s rubbish coincidence or what !!!!

Then literally every third car I saw from the last had a pink heart for a car scent hanging from the rear view mirror.

So I thought OK feeling slightly freaked out at this point right I’m going to ask you one more question universe as I don’t want to over push the boundaries.

So I asked the second question this time I asked for blue heart for yes and a yellow heart for no.

I thought blue and yellow hearts are pretty rare to see out and about with my walk to work being mainly countryside and housing and a little village before I get to actual work I thought what’s the odds


Low and behold within a few minutes I got my answer I was very shocked to say the least It was only then I felt a sense of amazement.

I suppose you want to know the outcome it was….

I don’t get lost for words much but honstly I’m normally so sceptical about things like this but I’m now a big believer that ask and you will receive your answers you have been searching for.

Call me deluded call me a fruit loop but now I know my answers to the questions I needed clarification from I will just carry on with my future plans.

You know they say we are all psychic and can connect with higher vibrations.

Again I must state I’m not religious I’m more spiritual I always have been but suppose I closed myself off due to. Other life issues.

I also asked the universe to show me answers through music as I listen to music a hell of alot and again these two songs stopped me in my tracks…

Please give them a listen.. 👇👇👇👇👇

Home to you by sigrid

I’m yours by Andy grammar

If your unsure in life and feel like your at a loss ask the universe for help ask for clarification and guidance and then wait for your answer.

So If you would like to give it a try then follow the steps below 👇 👇

1. Clear your mind

2. Think about the question you need answers to.

3. Ask universe the question

4. Tell the universe to show you in two elements for example.

💜 For yes ❤️ for no.

5. Wait for results you may see them numerous of times throughout the day.

6. Thank the universe for your clarification.

Signs can come in objects, pictures, songs, sounds & words.

Remember it’s not silly to ask the universe for what you want or for answers however mental you may sound to. Others around you.

Have a great evening all

Love to you all 😊 😊

Stacie 🐚 💋 💄 ❤️ ❤️

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