In my own lane on my own frequency.

Evening all ❤️

Late night blogging before another week of working.

Blogs are supposed to be full of helpful hints and tips I have to apologise now mines not always full of helpful information but it’s me my thoughts and feelings in there truest form.

Sent out throughout the Internet for all to see.

I know there’s alot of you who read my blog and most of you can relate to how I’ve been feeling I get lots of lovely messages and comments to which I’m really grateful for all of your support.

I wanted to share with you all where I’m at in life at the moment.

I really hope some of you can relate to my experiences.

It’s no secret I’ve dealt with my own demons over the past few years I’ve reveled a lot of skeletons that I’ve been trying to keep hidden in my closet.

I was ashamed of how my mental health and my life style choices affected me as a person.

I’m someone who used to cover up one problem by causing another kind of like trying to hold a crumbling wall together with really cheap band aids it doesn’t work believe me.

Sometimes you have to rip off the band aids and let the wall crumble infront of your eyes.

I would say the past four months I’ve been on a very odd journey of self discovery.

I’ve not found religion at any point but I’m now fully aware of me and my surroundings.

You hide so much of yourself to fit in with society beacuse that seems like the right thing to do we lie to each other because it’s what we think others that surround us want to hear how fabulous and fake we make out life is.

How we ever suppose to grow if we only ever allow ourselves to be at the same level that seems the norm for soicety.

I’m a realest and I’ve grown more that way since I’ve been awake fully.

I don’t suger coat anything just so others feel comfortable with my opinion it is what it is.

As a human being insecurities play a massive part in our life’s both male and females have to deal with insecurities on a daily basis.

It’s like am I pretty enough!!

Am I thin enough!!!

I need to look amazing at all times!!

I need to tell the world how much money I have but haven’t secretly got!!

Does every one whos in my circle really love and respect me.

So let’s be real here I have to add sorry if any of my readers take offence but its just general opinions of mine.

Here’s my answer to the first insecurity.

Am I pretty enough?

Looking good is feeling good I get that completely but people should like you for you not beacuse your features are on point we all change through life what matters is personally.

They may look gorgeous but have a personality of a dry rivita

Next one am I thin enough?

This one really pees me off because I’ve been through this myself battled with my weight for a long time.

No one has the right to say anything about your body it’s your body no one owns it but you.

Loosing weight for all the right reasons is hard work but never do it to prove a point to people or just to compete with others that’s just plain stupid also loosing weight doesn’t need to change your personality either.

Loose weight with grace no one likes a ego.

Next one I need to look amazing all the time!!

Well no you don’t it’s OK if that’s just your personal choice but don’t ever be afraid to dress down best part of my day is coming home and whipping of my bra and giving the cat it’s parachute back.

It’s life no one’s perfect.

We all know someone who brags about money or the lack of it act your wage I say its fabulous if you can go to gucci and get yourself a nice bag every month but unfortunately most of us put priority first.

You might have a nice handbag but living off beans on Toast for the rest of the month and selling your kids toys for electricity money isn’t good priority comes first.

Last but not least does everyone in your circle respect and love you.

Going to be honest here and probably upset a few people but I did say i would be truthful.

Probably not

. Not everyone sees you the same as you see them you can be the loveliest person out there but somewhere down the line you will meet fake people who will draw you in and make you think your important to them I’m not saying everybody is the same but connections run deep don’t trust everyone you meet.

You see I’m on my own path not anyone else’s and I’m not bitter to anyone who does well in life I hope we all make it around the roller-coaster of life without being sick.

But being awake to life and what I want from my time on this earth has made me realise I haven’t got time for any of this 👇👇👇

Nor will I now tolarate it I’m not afraid to get rid of anything or anyone who causes unnecessary damage to my life.

That’s how I know I’ve grown and I’m now on the right path.

And my inner peace is worth more than was I was allowing to receive from my own strength.

I now couldn’t give a dam how people see me or portray me I’m not here to impress anyone I’m here to be me and so should you just be yourself however wonderful or weird you maybe.

Love to you all 😊

Stacie 🐚 💋 💄 ❤️ ❤️

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