No Wigan kebab for me..

Hey all happy Saturday ❤️

Hope your all well..

Today I’ve been to Preston In Lancashire to catch up with a friend of mine and to do a bit of shopping.

The weather’s been gloomy and cold but also enjoyable.

It must be the season of catching up with old friends twice in one month I’ve manged to catch up with two very good friends of mine and I’ve manged to finally meet my friends wife and new baby eliza.

We had a good old catch up over lunch then off I went to explore the delights of Preston.

I have to say Liverpool has always been my favourite city no questions about it and it always will be but I suppose this is why I moved so far away from my original place of birth in the west Midlands.

I’m literally an hour either way from a lot of very good vibrant city’s and towns with very good transport links and surrounding by coastal areas like St annes and lytham and also Formby and Crosby.

So I think I’m very lucky to be where I am.

Back to Preston it’s literally one transport link from home to Preston centre and with many shopping facilities and also lots of lovely buildings to me it’s very strange it’s like old worldy with a contemporary vibe to me it’s a typical Lancashire town that’s trying to adjust with the times.

Preston is also very busy with students as its Lancashires University town with there uclan campus not far from centre of town itself.

It’s full of wonderfully strange but lovely characters.

Again a lot like Liverpool but I don’t feel either location’s are as busy as Birmingham it’s more relaxed not in a rush.

I hate the rat race rush everyone’s pushing and shoving but never getting anywhere fast I just feel whole way of life in the North West is laid back and relaxed.

And believe it or not some of people are so down to earth friendly and helpful it’s just a nice atmosphere to be in.

After I met my friend and his family I did abit of shopping mostly for the kids new winter clothes bit of Christmas shopping too.

I treated myself also..

I actually fully enjoyed myself I do love to explore and visit places but my lifestyle doesn’t always allow it.

So I was very happy to just have some me time today.

So now I’m going to relax have a few glasses of gin and watch Netflix.

If your ever up north I would say definitely come visit the North West you will be glad you did.

And incase you are wondering what a Wigan kebab is….
A Wigan Kebab is a buttered barm cake with a meat and potato pie slapped in the middle.

Sounds amazing lol 😂 🤢.

Here’s a few pictures of Preston I’ve taken today.

Enjoy your evening 🌃.

Love to you all stacie xxx

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