To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.

Evening all ❤️

Here is one of my favourite paintings of all Time…

The kiss

Here’s a little interpretation of the kiss….
The kiss symbolises in the present this painting indicate that the man and woman each have distinct characteristics that, though very different from one another, allow them to feel whole and complete as a couple. The balanced connection between the two in The Kiss by Gustav Klimt is the quintessential example of what love is. In a sense, the man and the woman depicted in The Kiss by Gustav Klimt can be interpreted to have a sort of yin and yang relationship that appears to contrast from a far, but upon closer examination actually fits together perfectly.

I can hear you thinking out loud and saying what’s this got to do with anything I have actually got a point..

I’ve been thinking about my love life recently.

I literally have no direction I don’t actually want one either like I’ve said in previous posts you can’t force anything.

If it’s forced I don’t want it you should never fight to get someone’s attention.

I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately and I honestly believe that I’m being shown snips of information from my future.

Again I have a belief in the spirit world im not ashamed to admit that and I believe I’m being shown to have hope to be patient that’s all I need to be everything comes at the right time in life.

I often get asked what do I look for in another person.

Well I have to be completey honest here I look for someone who’s got a uniqueness about them.

I’m not afraid of a challenge I don’t think there isn’t a person on this earth that isn’t broken in someway.

When you choose someone to share your quality time in life with it means you have chosen this person due to your connection sometimes we get it wrong but it’s a learning curve.

Life’s pretty much important and time never stops it’s always passing us by so if someone has picked you to spend time with or you can see a future investment with don’t let that opportunity slip away theres no compatability test on earth where two human beings are perfectly aligned that’s utter 💩.

We love who we love and we can’t help that never punish yourself for it either.

So how does the kiss come into this well it’s the Yin-yang theory that I’m going with here

. But what are the yin and yang meanings in love..

Attributes of Yin Energy (this represents me)

A person with prominent yin energy exhibits a passive attitude to life. This person is laid back and often fairly quiet in social situations. A yin person enjoys solitude and a quiet, peaceful environment. Yin people are very nurturing and enjoy creating a home (nest) for themselves and their family.

Attributes of Yang Energy (this represents my soul connection)

A yang person has high energy levels and is constantly on the go. There is a strong creative streak that demands expression. The yang energy can become overwhelming if not balanced with yin energy. Too much yang energy will make the person very aggressive and demanding. A yang person appreciates the talents and gifts in other people and a yin person can often stabilize a yang person by providing restive nurturing.
The exchange of energies in a love relationship is more powerful than you may realize. There are times when one person will have more yin energy and the other will have more yang energy. There are also times when those combined energies of the couple may have more yin energy than yang energy and vice versa. This is normal and should be expected, but eventually, you want those energies to recede and a more balanced chi to return.

It’s about balance and understanding.

Working on issues and communication is massive part of it all.

You can and will get your happy ever after but it doesn’t come easily.

Have faith.

Love to you all 😊

Stacie 🐚 💋 💄 ❤️ ❤️

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