Fighting you demons

Evening all its nearly the weekend yeyyy

I’ve nearly survived another full week at work it’s not been to bad really but I’ve had a few glasses of wine to see me through. This week I’ve recently connected back with a freind I’ve known for ten years we used to be really good friends then life takes over things happen and you loose touch but I’m really glad we have connected again.

Tonight I have to blog about fighting your demons and ignoring what other people think about you… Sometimes life can be going great you find peace within and out the blue you will get one idiot who will just say something that will start your anxiety off.

It’s not just me who’s delt with this but a few celebrities have dealt with it this week I say 👇👇👇👇

Unfortunately if your doing well in life you will always get someone’s opinion and sometimes it’s not always nice I cannot stress enough on how much stronger I feel and how much less tolerance I now have for negative people.

My life isn’t perfect far from it but I’m in a better place and I’ve worked hard to get out of my dark space that clouded my mind I’ve not seeked medication for depression I’ve not requested a therapist I’ve done everything off my own back.

Each day I’ve become stronger and I will continue to become stronger and I won’t stop till I live my life to the fullest. So do you best try and break me I bet you break yourself first.

The World is full of people never let just a few try and break you nasty words and comments are irrelevant now a few months ago they would of completely broken me but now not a chance.

So I will continue to be me. I will continue to grow and I will continue with my own therapy if you don’t like what you see or hear tough don’t look or listen Ive fought hard to become the person I am today and no one can take that away from me. And I know one day someone will love Me for me nothing more nothing less.

I am me #independentwoman #stronger #trolls #fightyourdemons

So here’s another one of my covers I would like to share with you I hope you like it please show me some love…

Love to you all 😊

Stacie ❤️❤️❤️ xxx

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Hi I'm Stacie I'm 34 busy mum from the West Midlands 🇬🇧 Started blogging April 2019 I hope you like my blog posts

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