Boohoo ❤️

Two blog posts in one day now I’m spoiling you all.

Just decided to blog about my boohoo haul as I’m not going to be blogging for a few days due to other commitments.

I ordered from boohoo few days ago but it was a pay day treat.

I didnt have a time that it was doing to be delivered so I decided to jump in the bath low and behold I sat me bum in the bath and what turned up my parcel it’s always the way never rushed down stairs so quick towel wrapped round me ready to apologise to the delivery driver but have to be honest he was the most beautiful delivery driver I’ve ever seen.

He passed me the parcel and I manged to say bye and shut the door without embarrassing myself.

I couldn’t wait to try on my birthday dress and I also ordered some new chunky fashion trainers for day time wear I’m not really big on brand names but I do love boohoo.

I’ve herd good and bad about them but honestly you need to try them for yourselves.

I’ve been ordering for two years from them I’ve never had a problem with items or delivery it’s always been spot on.

Here is my birthday dress I absolutely love it and it’s not black for a change its red ❤️ (please excuse my face I have no makeup on)😂

And yes that’s how long my hair as grown using my beauty-locks-hot-chocolate 💇

I ordered a size 16 due to my bigger bust size but it’s so comfy.

I’m able to dance the night away in comfort and I absolutely love the colour of it 😍

#embraceyourcurves 👇👇link below.

click here to buy my birthday dress

So here is my fashion trainers not into brand makes and all the chunky trainers like fila look like Dino stompers.

There bloody terrible.

I’m happy with mine ordered size 5 in black as black goes with everything.

Also I got these discounted so I saved a bit of money on my order.

Saving money always makes me happy..

There is also a 20% off sale at the moment worth having a look i would say.

Honstly give boohoo a try it maynot be for everyone people have different taste in clothing and material but I love them.

They are always my go to company for clothing.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Love and peace ✌️

Stacie 🐚💋💄❤️

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