Negative nelly 💓

Afternoon all I know it’s unusual for me to blog in a afternoon on a weekday but I’ve just finished work and I decided to blog about people and their negative attitude and how it can affect people.

In no way is this work related I quite enjoy working with some of my work colleagues /freinds.

Noticed I said some 😂.

But no this is just people in general.

So I have this theory that some people just suck all the good energy from you just from being in the same room I call these negativity vampires.

We all know people that moan and who are always complaining about the smallest thing they are never happy and are always jealous of what people have or work hard for you know the ones that nothing positive ever comes out of their mouths well these are negative people and do you need them in your life no way…

You could be having a great day postive outcomes and so one comes out the blue and shits all over your parade its bloody terrible and such a rubbish way of ruining other people’s happiness.

People don’t actually realise how much words can really hurt a person’s self esteem.

Here’s another experience I’ve had when we try and be there for someone and they are just completely toxic for you and they make you psychologically drained to the point you end up becoming someone we don’t recognise come on we have all been there with this one at some point in our life’s.

It’s not even about selfcare it’s about knowing when enough is enough.

Another example here girl meets boy..

Girl is very outgoing, nice, helpful, trustworthy, loving

Boy is egotistical, wants to be liked, has to be right and very much out for himself. But he does have a few good qualities honestly 😁

But girl doesn’t see him like that at the start everything is nice boy is exciting he’s talented he’s affectionate everything she wants him to be.

Untill the walls dropped and she sees the real him but she still loves him anyway.

The boy is an empty lonely shell with no emotional thought of the girl but boy will use her for what he needs her time her body and her love.

The girl starts to notice the boys negative attitude and looses herself trying to save him.

Then the girl completely looses herself she’s unbalanced unhappy and confused by this boys behaviour.

When the thinks enough is enough she realise not everything was her fault but she knows she’s to blame too.

Until one day there relationship and friendship is broken and the boy finds another girl to inflict his negative behaviour on her and then the cycle begins again.

Unfortunately this is known too well its another example of negative behaviour from human beings.

The point I’m getting to is that you can tell when someones vibe isn’t quite right it’s a funny little thing called intuition everyone has it take note on how someone makes you feel how they approach you.

Always trust your gut instinct is never rarely wrong.

Don’t let people drain your happiness life’s to short.

Love to you all

Stacie xx

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Hi I'm Stacie I'm 34 busy mum from the West Midlands 🇬🇧 Started blogging April 2019 I hope you like my blog posts

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